Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was good. It was hard not being home with our families this year, but we had fun with just our little family. My parents were here December 9th through the 15th. We had a good visit with them and did Christmas with them. We let the kids open one present while they were here and we gave them theirs. They also helped us put up our tree and decorate. The kids had a good time hanging the ornaments on the tree. We weren't sure how they would do with the tree, but they didn't touch it too much. They also didn't mess with the presents that were under it for about 2 weeks. I was really impressed. They got great new toys and clothes. Now it is time to go through the toys and get rid of some or put them away!! We made up goodie plates for the neighbors and people at church. The kids helped make the dipped pretzels and some cookies. We all went as a family then to deliver them to the neighbors. The first house we went to was an older couple and they invited us in to visit. They had a little ceramic tree that had a train that ran on a battery and moved around it. Michael thought that was so neat. We went to the next house and he thought we should go in again. I guess he thought they should all invite us in! He also thought they would all have trains! LOL

We then had some people over for lunch Christmas day. We had a good lunch and a good visit together with them.

Michael has started potty training this week. We started on Tuesday and he has only had 3 accidents (2 on Christmas day). All the accidents have been at home and while he was really involved in something and not paying attention. Otherwise he has done very well. We have even gone out a few times and to church today and he has made it to the bathroom. He was very ready to be trained, but I wanted to wait till Lydia was born then till Paul was home on break to work with him. I just hope Grace & Lydia are this easy to train. I've always heard girls are easier so we'll see. Grace seems interested now since she watches Michael, but I'm not quite ready to train her yet. LOL

Well, the new year is approaching and there are lots of things I want to work on this year. We'll see how well that goes!

Monday, December 7, 2009

All kinds of emotions

Ok, so lots going on the last few days. Grandpa and Grandma Vawter left us last Monday. The first week of having the 3 kids by myself went pretty well. Michael and Grace both ended up sick though. Grace has been worse than Michael with a fever and just not acting herself. She is still fighting it today. Lydia has been spitting up and yesterday actually vomitted. I was a little concerned at that point so I called my midwife. She said it could be that she's going through a growth spurt and is eating too much, but not to worry unless she starts projectile vomiting or acts dehydrated. I was also thinking it could be acid reflex. She hasn't vomitted again since then, but has been a little more fussy today.

I had a shock this morning. I took Lydia up to change her diaper on our bed. I then left her lay there while I went to put clothes on Grace. Michael came in their room with us then left. I thought he went downstairs. Lydia had started fussing. I realized her crying was getting closer and looked up to see Michael walking from our room to their room carrying Lydia! He was carrying her up on his shoulder and actually had a good hold on her, but it made my heart drop! I explained to him that he wasn't big enough to pick her up or carry her, but that he wasn't in trouble. Hopefully he won't try it again.

Over the weekend I found out that an old friend of mine from IL, Joe Oreskovich, was killed in a car accident. He was married and had 2 girls. I found out yesterday he was hit by a train. They think the sun was in his eyes and he didn't see it, but obviously we will never really know what happened. As far as I know he is now in Heaven with our Lord.

Then this morning I had such exciting news. My sister and brother-in-law are taking in a 16 year old boy that plays on Danny's basketball team. It's so sad that his mom doesn't want him, but we are excited to welcome him into our family. I wish we were going to be at home for Christmas so we can meet him. I am so excited for Danny and Carleta, but know they are in for some changes and challenges. I will definitely be praying for them daily.

I am also starting to think about Christmas and that we will not be with our families. I am trying not to get down about this (yet) and trying to focus on all the fun stuff we are planning to do with the kids. I want to focus on making it a special time for them and not bring everything down with missing home. I know it will be hard, but we did just see Paul's parents and my parents will be here in a couple days for a week. I know it will be hard saying good bye to them though knowing we won't see them at Christmas.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On my own

So today is the second day that I have been on my own with all 3 kids. It has gone surprisingly well. The older two were very well behaved yesterday and today. Lydia slept good and we brought the pack 'n' play downstairs so I could put her in it during the day. We are missing Grandma and Grandpa Vawter, but I think it is good that we are getting used to being on our own again too. I haven't really tried to do too much yet and I don't have to worry about meals this week. We have someone bringing a meal every night except Wednesday and then we will just do left overs. This morning the school was on a 2 hour delay because we got some snow last night and this morning. So Paul didn't leave home till shortly after 10. It was nice being able to eat breakfast together and sit and talk. He was also able to get his geometry tests graded before he left. Grace slept till just before 10 so it was a pretty quiet morning.

I am going to my Bible study today. This will be the first time in about 3 weeks. I'm sure they will all be excited to meet Lydia. I am ready to get out again and be around moms. Jan is picking me up so I don't have to drive. She doesn't want me to over-do it. :-)

We all went to the mall last night. I needed to get my ring inspected. Unfortunately, we got all the way there before I realized I didn't have the paper with me to do it. The lady said I needed the paper, but I could have it inspected late (I was supposed to have it done in November). So we walked through the mall then went to Sam's to get gas and ice cream. It was a good night and nice for the kids to get out too.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Arrival of Baby Lydia

Ok, so I have not done well with keeping up with this blog. I am going to try to write a little right now, but will probably have to update more later.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. Carole arrived on November 10th and I was surprised I didn't go into labor that night (since that's what happened with Grace). I was having problems with my tailbone hurting and it was great to have her be here and help out. On Wednesday we realized it was not my tailbone hurting, but it seemed I may have a boil. So on Thursday when we went to visit the midwife we had her look at it and she sent us to the Urgent Care for them to take care of it. Unfortunately, the doctor there didn't know what she was doing and said it wasn't a boil and didn't do anything for me. By Friday I was in so much pain I couldn't sit and was having a hard time finding a comfortable position to lay in. We went back to the midwife's office to have her look at it again. This time she found us a dermatologist to see. So we went to her office. They said it definitely was a boil and she lanced it right then. Not much drained out, but it did help a little. I was then put on antibiotics. The midwife said she was hoping I could be on those for about 24-48 hours before I went into labor to help not pass the infection on to the baby. Saturday was a little better and by Sunday it was much better. I stayed home from church on Sunday and while the rest of them were gone I kept thinking my contractions seemed to be pretty regular. When Paul, Carole and the kids got home I didn't say anything because I didn't want to get their hopes up, but Paul knew because I was feeling better and had done some things around the house that I would probably go into labor that day. So I ended up telling them that I thought I was in very early labor.

Nothing happened before time for church that night so they all went to church and I stayed home again. I was fine, but by the time they got home my contractions were getting stronger and closer together. We called the midwife to let her know what was going on. They came over about 9 pm to check on me. They said I was only dilated to 3 cm so they went to Kamy's house to rest. They were only 10 minutes away then instead of an hour. We all went to bed and tried to rest. Paul of course rested just fine...but that was because I told him to just go to sleep. :-) I kept waiting for my water to break though since it did with Michael and Grace first. About 3:30 am Paul called the midwives back and they arrived around 4 am. By this time they said I was 6 cm dilated so they just relaxed and rested while I labored more. Just before 6 am I told Paul I couldn't do it anymore....this we knew was my sign that it was almost over. I kept thinking to myself "am I just saying this because I know when I say this that I'm close to the end or am I really at the end". Well, it was just a few minutes later that I felt the head coming down. It was really weird because I didn't even realize I was pushing, but the head was definitely coming. I was in a squat position and remember saying over and over that the baby is coming because I didn't think anyone was catching her. Then I realized the midwife was ready. The head came out and the body got stuck for just a few minutes. They realized I was pushing, but the baby wasn't moving so the one midwife gently pulled the baby as I pushed and she finally slid out. We realized later that her head and chest were the same size so that's why she got "stuck".

Lydia Carole was born at 6 am, November 16th. She weighed 8 lbs and was 19 3/4" long. Her head and chest were 13 1/2 cm. She is beautiful and has lots of hair. She cried for the first half hour. She really didn't want to come out into the world! :-)

Now she is 8 days old. She is doing great and already changing so much. Michael and Grace love her so much. Michael is such a great big brother and is even more gentle with Lydia than with Grace. I think he thinks Grace is more his size and of course walking and all that he can be more rough with her. He loves holding Lydia and wants to help carry her too. Grace has been great with her too, but until yesterday wouldn't say her name. Now she calls her Lydi. She finally gave her kisses a few nights ago too. I guess she has realized that she is staying around.

Oh, Michael woke up 15 minutes after she was born so Carole was able to watch the birth also while keeping an ear out for Michael. He heard her crying, but didn't know what it was. It was so great having him come in soon after the birth again and being able to meet her. Grace woke up later and it was also neat having her come in to see the baby. When the midwives were leaving Michael wanted to know if they were taking their baby with them. :-) He didn't understand yet that she was staying here. Then later he said something about her sleeping at her house so we had to explain that this was her house too and she would be staying here. :-)

They are doing very well with adjusting to her being here, but they are also getting attention from grandma and grandpa. Unfortunately, Wayne and Carole will be leaving on Monday (6 more days) so then I will be on my own for a week and a half until my parents get here. It will be challenging I'm sure as we adjust during the day, but I will just have to do my best. Carole has been such a great help and I've not had to worry about cooking or cleaning at all. This has been a great thing since having the 3rd baby in 3 years has been harder on me this time to recover.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday and also Michael's birthday. We are actually having his party on Friday. I am so thankful for my family and friends!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Ok, so since it's been 2 weeks since I last posted I thought I should write something. :-)

As I'm sitting here in comfy pants, paul's t-shirt and sweatshirt, fuzzy socks and drinking hot chocolate I am STILL freezing! Yes, I know it's probably still warmer here than other places (especially CO whose getting a lot of snow right now), but 50 degree weather here is freezing to me. Especially when we were still having 80 degree weather last week! I haven't even put clothes on the kids today....they have on footed pj's and I figured those would be warmer than their clothes, especially since neither one will leave socks or slippers on! So it would be a great day for a good book, a blanket and my hot chocolate. Unfortunately, I don't have a book (well, I could probably find one), but I need to lay down and rest anyway. So as I finish my hot chocolate I will write and then hopefully get a chance to lay down too.

The kids are changing so much! We are noticing Grace saying and doing things that she is picking up from Michael. It is so neat to watch her try to do the things he does. This morning they were running around playing with the bouncy balls (the cheap ones from Wal-Mart, not the little bitty ones from the machines) and Michael put his down and was sitting on it and bouncing. Grace had to come right over by him and do it too. Then he started singing "Winne the Pooh" and Grace was singing it too! It was so cute! She was also using the drawing pad today and made a line and a dot and said "I". I don't know that she really knew that she did draw something that resembled an "I" since she drew some squiggly lines after that and said "I" too, but it was cute because she is learning that from Michael also. She really loves her big brother and is trying to keep up with him.

Michael is doing so well with recognizing his letters now. He still can't sing the Alphabet song exactly right, but he tries. He writes part of his name now too. He is starting to learn his numbers more now, but still gets them confused with letters sometimes...i.e. he'll call a 3 an E. He is really getting more into singing now too. He loves to sing the B-I-B-L-E, Jesus Loves Me, Oh How I Love Jesus, the alphabet song and others. He still enjoys Patch the Pirate too, but we've not had to listen to them constantly now so that's better for Paul and I. Michael really loves it when Paul gets his guitar out and sings songs. He will sometimes sing with him, but most of the time he just runs around and does "circles". At church he and Annie (the pastor's daughter) will get the stand and put hymnals on it and sing. Paul and I were just talking the other night about trying to find some board games that Michael could play. Then last night Barb brought one in for them to play in the nursery. She had to modify it just a bit, but she said Michael and Annie did very well with it. So we are hoping to find some for his birthday or Christmas.

I think the kids may "know" that something is about to happen because they have been more cuddly lately. Barb even mentioned last night that Grace was wanting to be held more. She was really a mommy's girl yesterday too. She would hardly go to Paul last night, but kept running to me to pick her up. They have both been cuddling up and reading books or just wanting to sit on my lap (what's left of it) to play. This morning I got down on the floor with them and we just played. Nothing in particular...just played and read a couple books. It was so fun...until I had to get up!

We are anxiously awaiting this 3rd baby to come. Any day now really. I have 3 weeks till my due date, but could go any time. I still need to get things out for the clothes, etc, but I keep thinking I have lots of time. Carole comes in a little less than 2 weeks! I am at least hoping I can wait till she gets here (or I should say the baby can wait). With Grace she got here right on time so we'll see. I am also excited about having company for Thanksgiving this year! Wayne will be coming in around the 19th or 20th and so Paul's parents will both be here for Thanksgiving and Michael's birthday (since it's the same day this year).

Just one more thing then I need to lay down....Tuesday I had 3 ladies that came over to clean my house. I guess they were noticing how dirty it was and thought they could help! :-) Actually, they are very good friends and knew I needed some help. It was great having Barb, Susan and Sami here and also great to have a clean house again. They did a wonderful job! It has lifted my spirits and energy in just having them do this for me. I think the kids enjoy the clean house too! I can hopefully keep it this way least till Carole gets here!

Ok so my hot chocolate is gone and it will be time for the kids to get up soon. I better get a little rest since I haven't all week.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bible study

I forgot about this in my other post, but it really needs to go in one on it's own anyway. I have started going to a Bible study at another church. It is a Bible study about mothering. It meets every Tuesday afternoon and the first two were ok, but I knew I was going to have different view points at times than some of the women. Well, Monday night I sat down to go through the chapter for this week (yes, I know a little late, but it had been a busy week and I kept putting it off). Anyway, the chapter was all about our womb. There were some parts in it that I had a real problem with about how the lady talked about it. I talked it over with Paul and he helped show me that she was taking the verses out of context and we looked up other verses to dispute what she was saying. I was nervous about going to the study on Tuesday because I was afraid the other women were all going to agree with this lady. I was also ready to tell the leader that I wouldn't be back. Well, I got there and it was just the leader and one other lady. The others were all sick or out of town. We started the study and the first thing the leader says is that we have to remember that we are not going to agree with everything this lady (the author) says in her book and that we need to turn to the Scriptures for the truth. I was so relieved just to hear that part. Then she used the part that I had been struggling with most in the chapter as an example. I knew then that I wasn't the only one that had a problem with the things in this chapter. It was so great that God did this. I didn't want to quit going because I love getting out and being around other Christian ladies and God showed me that the ladies didn't agree with it all either. So I have also realized that Paul is right in saying that this study will be good for me if nothing else it makes me have to go through and really look at the verses she uses and figure out what they really mean.

Catching up

So a lot has been going on lately. Most recently Paul was gone for the weekend. He went to Florida with another guy to attend a conference for school. Since I knew he was going to be gone I was giving Carleta and mom a hard time trying to get one of them to come out for the weekend to be with me. Well, the Tuesday night before Paul was leaving on Friday I realized I would be getting $100 commission from my aunt doing a Pampered Chef catalog show. So Paul says, "Why don't you see if your sister can come out if we pay $100 of the ticket". So I got online and sent her a message to her phone. She was shocked and of course wanted to know if I was serious. I checked with Paul and he said yes so I started talking to her online and searching for flights. Every flight we found was at least $350 or above. I was about to give up when I found a flight for $212 (base price). I kept looking at it and even had Paul come check it to make sure I was looking at it right. It was a ticket for round trip and it was only $212!! So Carleta and I were looking at the times and all. She talked to Danny and he said she could come! Then she realizes she needs to check her work schedule and sees that she is supposed to give tests on Friday to 5 students and can't see that anyone else can fill in. So, of course, my hopes dropped. Then she finally was able to get a hold of her boss and he said for her just to take off and they would cover it! So I was excited again! THEN, she realizes Danny has drill that weekend and Sunday is family day and she was supposed to go. So, again my hopes drop again. She talked to Danny though and he said she could still come!! SO I was excited again!! So I told her to book it fast before she thought of anything else! Friday at 11:30 am she arrived in El Paso!!! It was such a good weekend. The kids enjoyed having her here too and of course showing off for her. We went to see the snakes and lizards Friday night and watched them eat their supper. It was so cool. Saturday we were out running some errands and stopped by the midwife's office. Carleta was able to hear the baby's heart beat. Then Saturday and Sunday nights we sat on the couch and just laughed at how much my belly was moving. The baby even kicked Carleta pretty hard at one time. It was too funny. It was a special time also (at least for me). When I took her to the airport a friend came to the house to be with the kids so I didn't have to get them up from their naps. When I got back home the first thing Michael said was "where's Aunt Carleka". He already missed her.

Before we left for the airport the postman had dropped off a package at the door. We didn't have time to open it before we left so when we got home we opened it. It was a package for Michael and Grace from Grandpa and Grandma Welch. There was a cool green tractor in it for Michael...although Grace kept looking for hers too. So yesterday when Michael got up and was playing with the tractor he was driving it around and it crashed. I realized then that Grandpa was driving the tractor because he said grandpa crashed. It was so cute. Then all day as he played with it he talked about it being grandpa driving the tractor. Then this morning he was playing with it and showing it to Grace and said something about it not having big wheels like the other tractor. I can only figure he is talking about the real tractor that he rode on with grandpa. It was so cute.

Grace has learned a new thing too. Yesterday at two different times when she was doing something she shouldn't have been doing (like standing on the toy box) I was telling her to get down and she put her hands over her face. I guess she figured if she couldn't see me then I couldn't see her! It was funny, but I did let her know I could still see her. :-)

I think that's all for now. I am meeting a friend from PA today so I need to get my butt in gear and get ready.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well, now Grace has gone from biting to pulling hair. She has pulled Michael's hair a couple times. He has done it back once, but it didn't stop her yet. Last night they were wrestling before bed. I think she's really going to be tough. Michael couldn't decide if he should cry or laugh because she was on top of him. I've never seen him as a wimp, but I think he has been told so many times to be gentle with Grace that he doesn't know what to do when she "beats up" on him.

We have been having a hard time making it through bed time prayers lately. Since we put them in the same room we have been reading a story before bed. This in itself has been a challenge because Grace won't still that long. But, we figure eventually she'll get the hang of it. Then after we read we say bedtime prayers. Usually Paul says them and Michael repeats him. The last few nights though as soon as Paul starts, Grace starts laughing. So, of course, that starts a chain reaction and Michael starts laughing too. Paul tried to tell him last night it is not time to play and that he needs to be quiet and that Grace has to learn to be quiet too and she will learn from him. It at least helped get through that prayer. We'll see how tonight goes.

Thursday Barb, my pastor's wife, stopped by to drop off some Patch the Pirate cd's. She asked me if I had anyone to watch the kids on Friday while I went to my midwife's appointment. I said no, I hadn't called another lady yet. She told me to drop them off at her house and then leave them for the afternoon. It was so great that someone not only offered to watch the kids sometime, but said to drop them off for the afternoon and actually set it up. So I dropped them off around 10 and went to my appointment. Everything went well. The baby is growing big. They are estimating about 4 1/2 - 5 lbs right now, which is a little big. So, my thoughts are it's a boy. Anyway, then I went to see Paul while he was on lunch. I left there and grabbed something to eat, went to a second hand store to check on a pack 'n' play, then went to get blood drawn. Then I decided to go home. I came home and laid down for about 15-20 minutes then got back up and cleaned. I got so much done! I swept all 3 bedrooms, shampooed the baby's room, dusted everything upstairs, changed sheets on all 3 beds, cleaned both bathrooms, washed diapers, and shampooed a little in our room (basically to get rid of the cleaner already mixed). Paul came home while I was finishing so I sent him to get the kids so I could take a shower. I finished what I was doing, got my shower, got ready and still had to wait for him. I knew he would get to talking with Pastor and Barb. :-) So I finally called to see where they were and they were just pulling in the drive. We had planned to use some coupons and go out to eat, but when they got back, Paul asked if we could change plans. So, we went to Dion's (a pizza and sub place) with Pastor & Barb and their kids. We had a good evening with them. The kids did very well at their house and even took their naps good. It was nice for me to not have them around for a little while. I was able to relax even though I wasn't laying down the whole time. I really felt good about getting things accomplished too. Now if only the downstairs would clean itself! Paul did have the kids help him pick up all the toys tonight while I cleaned up after supper. So at least everything is picked up!

We walked down to the playground near our house tonight. The kids had so much fun going on the slide, swinging and of course climbing on everything. Michael is getting so good about being able to climb up the "rock wall", the "swirly thing" and all that stuff. The only injury was Michael falling out of the swing. He was swinging in a big swing and kept leaning forward. Paul told him he was going to fall out if he kept leaning forward and he finally did. He still had a hold of the chains so he just scraped his knees a little. He was fine a few minutes later and was back to climbing. Grace didn't want to get out of the stroller when we got home. She kept trying to get back into it!

Well, Grace is done in the bath tub so I've got to go get her.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A morning with 2 little ones

So, Paul got the laptop working so I was drinking my coffee and trying to have some down time this morning while the kids were playing. They were playing fine until they saw that I was sitting down and had the computer on. So, Grace thinks she has to be on my lap if I'm sitting and not just sitting, she has to climb all over. I finally got them coloring so that helped. Then Michael wanted to watch some t.v. I figured since he hadn't watched any this morning it would be fine and Clifford was on. So he was watching it and I finally got Grace to go down with him. I guess not a good idea. She decided to keep turning the t.v. off. So this results in Michael yelling at her to turn it back on and her yelling at him "no" (her favorite word lately). So, I told Michael just to turn it back on. At one point I guess he was trying to turn it on and she was trying to keep him from it. They were both screaming and as I walked to where I could see them Michael starts crying. I see they are entwined together and going to the floor. Michael is holding his back and crying hard. I ask him what happened and he told me Grace bit him. I look on his back and sure enough there's a mark. This is the second time in 2 weeks that he has been bitten (and by a girl). He never went through a biting phase and I hope he doesn't start now, but I also don't know what to do with Grace since I haven't dealt with this before. Hopefully, this will just be a one time thing. I think she was just defending herself, but she better find a better way to do that or she's going to be in lots of trouble.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My wonderful husband and annoying neighbors

I just got done having a free pedicure by my husband! I never would have thought he would paint my toe nails!! Sure he massages my feet for me every once in a while, but painting my nails...I just never imagined. I had asked him this morning if he would take the polish off while the kids were down for naps. I am having a hard time reaching my feet at the moment so I figured he would maybe do that for me. He said he would. I said I wouldn't ask him to paint them though. He said as long as he could watch football while he was doing it he would paint them too. He did an awesome job! I chose a light color just in case, but I probably could have gone with a darker color and would have been fine. Thank you, Paul!

We have neighbors though that decided to practice their music (garage band) right as we put the kids down for a nap. Grace finally went to sleep, but Michael never did. He did stay in his bed and was quiet so I thought he was asleep, but when I checked on him he was still awake. I don't know how he knew, but 2 1/2 hours after he was put down for a nap he got up. It's like he knew he had laid in there long enough. I don't mind that he didn't take a nap because he seems to be in an ok mood (right now), but it's just annoying that they have to practice during nap time. Like Paul said though...if he was tired enough he would have gone to sleep anyway.

Well, off to take a shower and then go to the high school football game. I am really craving nachos and cheese so I may have to get some. Supper will be later, so I'll need a snack! :-)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great day!

Wow, it's been over a week since I last posted something. I'm surprised a couple certain people haven't hollered about that. :-)

I started going to a Bible study this week that will meet every Tuesday. It is a study on motherhood and there are older and younger women in the study. I think it will be good, but I will have to take some things with a grain of salt. It will just be nice to be with other ladies and no kids. A couple other ladies are pregnant also so we were able to talk about that too.

I spent this morning with Barb, my pastor's wife, and her daughter Annie. We met about 10:30 at the mall at Barnes & Nobles. We got coffee at Starbucks and then let the kids play at the train table. They had a good time playing and Grace had a good time unloading the books off the shelves around us. Barb and I were so into talking that at one point I realized Grace was acting hungry so I looked to see what time it was and it was 11:53! I couldn't believe it was almost noon. So we let the kids play a little longer (actually I think we just kept talking). So it was about 12:30 and we decided we needed to go get something to eat. Barb had some coupons in her car for Burger King so we went there. It was a good time and the kids all behaved very well so we were able to talk a lot. It is so great having her around.

We have a lot of health issues going on in the church right now. It is very hard because the people are very open to letting us know what is really happening. Then all the sudden we realize they are not doing well at all. Barb and I are both wanting to help where we can, as in making meals, etc., so we are trying to figure out what each one really needs.

The kids are now in the same room. They are doing very well at night, but nap times weren't working out so I set up the pack 'n' play in the other room and have been putting Grace in there. It is working a lot better. We will just have to see what we have to do when the baby comes.

I have been doing well with spending time in God's Word each day. I started Genesis 1 on September 9 and here it is the 17th and I haven't missed a day. I think it helps having a piece of paper that I am keeping track on and also having Paul reading it too and keeping each other accountable. Now for the meals, house cleaning and the other things on my purpose statement...I am still working on those. I guess one thing at a time.

Well, that's all for now. Both kids are asleep and Michael will probably be up soon so I should lay down before he gets up.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Real quick

Just real quick...I was checking my e-mail last night before going to bed and as I turned away from the computer and went to get ready for bed I saw a book laying on the floor. It has been one of Michael's favorite books and is now one of Grace's favorites. So, I am reading it all the time. As I turned and saw it laying on the floor I started reciting the book from memory. It struck me all of a sudden that I knew this book by heart, but I can't even remember Psalm 23 anymore. I haven't had to recite Psalm 23 in a long time and I have forgotten the order of it. Sure I could probably patch it together here and there and come close, but this book of the kids' I know every word. It really hit me that I don't know the Bible as well as I should.

I had been thinking lately about reading the Bible straight through in a year. I have never done it before, but have read and been told it is something good to do. I figure what better way to get to know God than to read his Word daily. I looked up programs to help me know what to read every day. I found them, but of course they all start on January 1st. Well, I don't really want to wait till then. So, I e-mailed my pastor (thinking he would get back to me pretty quick) and asked if he thought I should start with the date I was at or start on Jan 1st reading and adjust it. He said he thought I should start on Jan 1st. So, I printed off the reading guide and converted it to a spreadsheet with the date starting today. That way I could easily tell what I was supposed to read each day. Then tonight I told Paul what I had done and that I was planning to do this reading. He said he had been thinking about doing it too so thought we could both read it separately and keep each other accountable. It will also give us something to talk about. He said he probably would have started with the date for today though and just read to the end of the year and then started over in Jan. Oh well, I guess we will just start in Genesis now and then again in Jan. I can't wait to see how God uses this in our lives. I really hope we are strong enough to keep each other accountable. I think it will be really good for us.

Well, off to shower and read and then go to bed. Tomorrow's another day. Oh, both kids are acting like they are sick now. Runny noses and coughs. A little warm like a small fever. I think Michael may be getting what Paul has had, but Grace's may just be teething. We'll see.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Funny things Michael has said lately

Ok, so just in the last few days Michael has been saying some funny things that I had to put them here. Lately, when he's in the bath tub he wants to wash himself so we have been letting him...making sure he does it all and finishing what he doesn't get. The funny thing is when he does his toes he tries to do "This Little Piggy Went to Market"....only it comes out "this little market stayed home...this little market went wee wee wee all the way home". It is so funny.

Then he's been listening to Patch the Pirate a lot lately (we only have 2 cd's so it's the same ones over and over and over again), but now he's been walking around saying "whoo eee" (not sure how to spell that out!). It is funny because he uses it in context a lot. He will even say "whoo eee, it's hot in here".

Then he was talking on the play phone tonight and said he was talking to grandma. We don't know which grandma because when we asked he then said he was talking to Grandpa Welch. Then he said he was talking to grandma again a little later and he was telling her he didn't feel good. No idea where that came from since he's fine.

Last, as Paul was putting him to bed he said to Paul "daddy, you are need to put a shirt on". Paul had an undershirt on, but no t-shirt. It was just too cute!

He definitely keeps us laughing. Oh wait, one more....also because of Patch the Pirate....we were sitting at the table the other night and all the sudden he says "Help, AAAHHHAAA (like tarzan) Banana Man (from one of the cd's). It was just too funny!

Monday, September 7, 2009


James 1:2-4,
My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.
James 1:13-14
Let no one say when he is tempted, "I am tempted by God"; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone. But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed.
James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

After the struggles I have gone through lately these are the verses that I read last night and they really hit me. As you can tell from previous posts I have had my struggles with Michael lately, which is also part of the reason I have not posted lately....I didn't want this to turn into a complaining blog. To Paul and I it seemed that Michael was really starting to push the limits and really get into the terrible two's (even though he's almost 3). It was amazing though....the other night I brought up something about disciplining Michael and said I felt like we really needed to sit down and talk out how and when we want to discipline him so we are on the same page. As we were talking about it we realized we have both been struggling with the same feelings lately. We had felt we were doing a good job at raising and disciplining Michael, but all the sudden because of what one couple said we started doubting ourselves. Now we don't feel this couple said things to make us feel this way, but they are a Christian couple that we admire and we just started listening to what they were saying and weren't really talking things through ourselves. In talking the other night though we realized what works for them may not work for us. As we talked more we also realized that Michael's not the whole problem. Yes, he is a child and he is learning to push limits, but we had changed rules and expectations that we just expected him to adapt to with no problem. We also realized it's only been 3 weeks that we have really felt this way and been frustrated with him, ourselves and each other, but it has felt like a lot longer. We realize now that we just need to work with him in a different way to help him adjust to these changes. He is still such a good boy! We also had to remind ourselves of all the people (family, friends, and strangers) that have complimented us on our parenting and disciplining to help us be encouraged. I'm not saying we are perfect parents or that we haven't made our mistakes (or won't make more), but I am saying that we have been less stressed the last couple days as we have realized we were most of the problem!

As I was reading in James last night and saw the verses I quoted above I realized that this time has been a test from God...not a temptation, but a test. He has been testing us through this trial with Michael to see how we would respond. I don't know that we responded the way He would have wanted us to (ok, so I know we didn't at first), but I think that us talking the other night was a step in the right direction. Even today when we went out to the grocery stores and the kids were tired and getting hungry, we were able to keep our cool and not get stressed.

As I read the second set of verses I quoted, I realized that God won't tempt us. It is when we are drawn away by our own desires that we are tempted.

Then the last set of verses...Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above....just made me realize that Michael and Grace are a gift from God. I need to remember this even in the times of struggles with them.

The last few days have also been a struggle because Paul hasn't been feeling good and I've started having contractions. Paul is fighting a head cold, but getting better. Having today off has helped him rest some too. The midwife is not concerned about my contractions. She says it is normal at this point, especially with the 3rd pregnancy. It just means I need to make sure I'm drinking LOTS of water and resting as much as I can. I have such a wonderful husband that is not letting me do much if he's around! For me this is good and bad...I rest, but I also feel lazy and think there is more I can do without hurting anything.

I am so thankful for my husband and my kids and I praise God for giving them all to me!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I don't like you

I couldn't believe it....the words "I don't like you" just came out of Michael's mouth to me. He wasn't in his bed and laying down like he should have been so I had to go in and spank him. He looked right up at me and said "I don't like you". Where is he learning this? I have never said that to him. I almost started crying. I know it's just something he's learning, but still it hurts to have your child tell you they don't like you. I know, I a few years as a teenager that is probably all I will hear. Paul says "well at least he's figuring out who's boss". I don't know...I still don't like it. I guess now I have to teach him that it's not me he doesn't like, it's what's happening. Oh, the struggles with a strong-willed child. And I think I have another one right behind him.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Better afternoon

Well, yesterday started out bad, but got a little better. My pastor's wife, Barb, came to watch the kids while I went to my midwife's appointment. Before I left I mentioned something about having a bad morning, but didn't really go into details. When I got back we let the kids play as we looked at the church ministry schedule together. As she was getting ready to leave we were standing outside and talking about disciplining. She gave me some really good advice and listened to my struggles. When she was then leaving she gave me a big hug and was crying. I started crying then too, but it felt good to have someone crying along with me and have someone listen to me that understood what I was going through. She told me that she knew I have had struggles with being here and just in dealing with the kids and church. She said they pray for us every day. Then she told me that they were thankful we were here and that we have made their transition easier. I finally feel after 2 years of being here that I finally have a friend. I know she is someone I could call when I'm having a bad day and she would listen and give me some encouraging advice. I am so thankful that God has called them here.

Then this morning we went to the school's first football game. Pastor and Barb and the kids met us there. I wasn't sure if Barb and Annie would be coming so it was a great surprise and nice to be able to sit and visit with her again this morning.

I also mentioned something to her about getting together, just her and I, on a regular basis. If it turned into more ladies getting together that would be fine, but even starting with us would be great. So, we are going to try to work something out.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bad Day

So, how can it go from a good reminding post to such a bad one? I'm afraid today is not as uplifting as others or as I would like it to be, but I just need a place to put my thoughts right now. It is not a good morning and I am sure it is mostly my attitude. I have a headache, I'm not sleeping well at night (but of course can in the morning when I need to get up), I have a 2-year old that is pushing the limits and a one-year old that is trying to keep up with her brother. I have been wanting to get up early to read so I can start my day out on a positive note, but with not sleeping good and a child that gets up anywhere from 6 to 6:15, I just can't seem to get up early enough. I know I could probably get up when Michael does and still get to read, but I'm still so tired from not sleeping well and I don't even want to mess with it. So, by the time I do get up he's really awake and I need to get breakfast started. Then there are the mornings like today when Grace decides to wake up earlier than usual so I am getting out of bed and getting her up at the same time. Luckily, I had breakfast planned (a coffee cake I made yesterday and just had to bake this morning), but making the kids wait 30-40 minutes is like making them wait all day. Then I can't even get dressed, go to the bathroom, or check my e-mail without them either coming up to "help" me or getting into something. I walk down this morning after getting dressed and all and find them on a chair in the kitchen getting into the coffee cake, opening a box of cake mix (luckily they didn't get the bag open) and trying to get into the cupcakes. I feel like all I've done is yell all morning (which makes the headache worse) and felt like crying. I've really been trying not to yell and it was going good. Oh, and then I thought well we'll sit down and color some brown paper bags and make puppets. I should have waited until a day when I was really ready to deal with that. I have a midwife appointment at 12 and my pastor's wife is coming to stay with the kids so I don't have to take them....11:30 can't come soon enough. I am hoping to lay down today for a nap when the kids do, but we'll see. Grace decided she still needed a nap this morning. I NEED AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!!
I guess I'm done ranting now. Hopefully I will have something better to say later.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yesterday was a rainy day...very unusual here. It was a lot cooler though so that was nice. Last night we went out to the store and while we were out we saw the most beautiful rainbows. The first one was very looked like you could reach out and touch it. The other one was right above it and a little lighter. We could see all of the bottom one and most of the top one. The only part on the top one we couldn't see was the very top where it went up into thick clouds. It for one reminded us how open the sky is out here that we could see the whole rainbow. It also reminded us of God's promise....and gave us an opportunity to tell Michael why there is a rainbow in the sky (and not the scientific reason). He loved seeing it. It was still rainy this morning so we had to take Paul to school. Michael kept asking where the rainbow was. He thought it would still be out there this morning.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Funny story

Ok, so before I go to bed I had to write about what happened this afternoon. Paul had told Michael before he went down for his nap that after his nap we could go swimming. So, Michael gets up and comes in Grace's room, where I was just getting her up, and says "I want to go swimming". So we went to tell Paul that he was ready. The pool wasn't filled yet, but fortunately out here we can fill it and get in it right away and it is still warm enough. So anyway, Paul and the kids get in while I grab a snack and the towels. Then I go out to get in and notice it is thundering off in the distance and the wind is picking up. We realize we may not be able to stay in for very long. Of course, about 15 minutes later the wind is really picking up and we think we are in for a storm. So we grab the kids and rush in the house. Michael doesn't like this because he is having fun in the pool. So I suggest that we go get in the bath tub with our clothes on and play like it's a pool. So the kids and I got in the tub with our clothes on and played. Then Michael finally decided he wanted to wash himself so we stripped the kids down and washed them up. They had so much fun and it was kind of fun for me too to get in the tub with them. It was just something I never would have thought about doing before, but it was something that will make me smile every time I think about it.


So, we ended up at Applebee's last night for their 2 for $20 deal. It was really good and we even splurged for a dessert! It was great being able to eat and talk without interruptions from the kids. The kids also had a good time at our friend's house. They all played well together.

Today I spent the morning helping at a garage sale at my midwife's office. I think we did good. It started out cool since the sun was behind some clouds, but then the clouds went away and it got hot! Luckily one of the girls had brought a canopy for us to be under. Paul and the kids went to the first football game (well scrimmage) for the school. They didn't stay for all of it, but had a good time. Paul said the kids were really good. Now it's time for an afternoon of rest. I'm still waiting to cool off enough to figure out what I want to eat. I think I'm getting close now.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chapter Two

So, today has been a good day. I went to bed feeling sick last night, but woke up to a play room and living room where I could see the floors! I have a wonderful husband!! Since I woke up to everything picked up I was able to get the vacuum out and sweep the floors. I had wanted to do this yesterday, but just couldn't get the energy to pick up the toys. Also, my back and hip have been bothering me so the bending and squatting are hard. Anyway, I was able to get ALL the floors vacuumed and the kids played the whole time. I also made my bed again today and cleaned up the kitchen. I even sat down and colored with the kids and played blocks.

Paul and I are going out to dinner tonight. I am so excited! I'm not sure where we are going yet. He wanted to maybe try out an Italian place he found online.

I also worked on my purpose statement today as the kids were going to sleep. I am going to post it here so I can look back at it periodically and see how I'm doing. I think I may print it off and hang it on my kitchen cabinet so I can see it each day to remind me.

My Purpose Statement
God - I will spend time every day in God's Word.
Physical family - I will provide a clean house and good meals.
Spiritual family - I will pray for a different church member each day.
World - I will look for ways to help others around me and act on them (i.e. babysit for a friend's child, make a meal for someone, give a gift to just lift someone's spirits)

I also started chapter two today in my book. It is talking about fulfilling the roles God has given me as a woman. Anne says she has discovered four roles that God has given us. They are to be a helper to man, mother of children, manager of a home and minister to the world. "It is only when we as women determine to abide within the boundaries set by Him that we find true peace, joy, and fulfillment." God has given me a husband so I can complete him, not compete against him. He has also blessed me with children and I need to remember this every day. In Titus 2:5 Paul told Titus to "admonish the older women to teach the younger women to be homemakers". Anne points out that the word "homemakers" in the original Greek means to be guardians of their homes, "a stayer at home". Some women may be able to work outside the home, but for me to make my home and family my priority I need to be home where I can focus on them. I then need to be reaching out to others around me in my church and in my world.

This chapter is a real challenge to me to think about how my home and family should be my top priority (after God) and that by being home I am able to fulfill that role. I shouldn't get down on myself because I'm not out in the "work force". I am fulfilling the role God wants for me and I can learn to be content in that area.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random thoughts for today

Ok, so no reading thoughts today (I actually haven't done my reading yet). My sister-in-law commented on my blogging that she was impressed that with 2 little ones and another on the way that I could do it when she can't even get her bed made. So....I made my bed today! LOL I had been in a good habit of making it, but lately had been slacking. I realized she was does make me feel better when it's made because it's at least one thing I've gotten done today! It was a pretty good day although I felt very tired most of the day. I don't know if it's the 3rd trimester kicking in or not enough good stuff to eat, but I hope I haven't lost my energy yet.

I did get to spend time with a friend this morning. She stopped by with her 3 year old son. The kids all played while we sat and talked. It is so nice to have the kids at the age where I can sit and talk with a friend again. It would be better if I had more friends drop in now! Then this afternoon I was able to watch a friend's little girl while she went to the gym. Her little girl has not liked going to the day care in the gym since they came back from vacation in May so she has not been able to go work out. I told her she was welcome to drop her off at our house and we could see how it would go. She did try going to the gym first, but she didn't like it so she brought her on over. She cried and screamed for about 30 mins then decided it wasn't so bad being here and started playing with some toys. As long as I didn't talk to her she was fine. :-) She played for about 30 mins then all the sudden started crying again. Then she cried till her mom came back. I told her she didn't cry the whole time and that I would be glad for her to keep trying. I think we are going to try to just have them come over and play a couple times so she can get used to me and the kids and the house more. She does like the dog so that helps. When my friend came to pick her daughter up she offered to watch our kids tomorrow night so Paul and I could go out. I think we are going to take her up on the offer. I didn't watch her little girl so she would watch ours, but this could be a good thing.

Michael has been listening to Patch the Pirate a lot lately. He would listen to it all day long if I would let him, but since we only have 2 cd's I'm not ready for that. :-) I can tell he is really listening to it though because he repeats some of the phrases. And then out of the blue during the day he will say them. Sometimes it takes me a minute to figure out what he's talking about. Grace really likes the music so she likes listening to them too.

I guess nothing else eventful happened today so I will just say good night now!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chapter One

Today I am reading Chapter one...Setting Priorities. I've never thought about the fact that when God created the light, water, flowers and wind he just spoke them into existence, but when he created the first person, he lovingly reached down and formed him out of the dust of the ground and then He breathed the first breath into that person. That to me just shows how much more He cares for us than he does for the rest of creation! We are the only ones He can have a personal relationship with and that is what He wants. God is my first priority...not my husband or my kids or others. I am here to bring glory to God.

Ephesians 2:10 "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them".

According to Matthew 6:33 (one of my favorite verses) my top priority is to seek God. God will handle where I live, what I eat, and the clothes I wear, but I just need to seek after Him, daily.

Mark 8:38 "For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels". I do not want Jesus to be ashamed of me when I stand before God in judgment...therefore I will not be ashamed of Him today.

In the book it suggest to write out a purpose statement for each priority area (God, physical family, spiritual family and world). I will work on this and post my statement in another post so I can look back on it in a month to see how I did.

Lord, please help me as I go through this book to see what you want with my life. Help me to make you my first priority. Help me be like you so that others can see you through me. Amen.

First Post

I have decided to start a blog. I am reading through the book Juggling Life's Responsibilities by Anne Elliott and I wanted to write my thoughts somewhere. If someone else can use my thoughts as encouragement to them then I figured that would be better than putting them in just a notebook for myself. This is my first time blogging so we'll see how it goes.