Sunday, August 30, 2009

I don't like you

I couldn't believe it....the words "I don't like you" just came out of Michael's mouth to me. He wasn't in his bed and laying down like he should have been so I had to go in and spank him. He looked right up at me and said "I don't like you". Where is he learning this? I have never said that to him. I almost started crying. I know it's just something he's learning, but still it hurts to have your child tell you they don't like you. I know, I a few years as a teenager that is probably all I will hear. Paul says "well at least he's figuring out who's boss". I don't know...I still don't like it. I guess now I have to teach him that it's not me he doesn't like, it's what's happening. Oh, the struggles with a strong-willed child. And I think I have another one right behind him.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Better afternoon

Well, yesterday started out bad, but got a little better. My pastor's wife, Barb, came to watch the kids while I went to my midwife's appointment. Before I left I mentioned something about having a bad morning, but didn't really go into details. When I got back we let the kids play as we looked at the church ministry schedule together. As she was getting ready to leave we were standing outside and talking about disciplining. She gave me some really good advice and listened to my struggles. When she was then leaving she gave me a big hug and was crying. I started crying then too, but it felt good to have someone crying along with me and have someone listen to me that understood what I was going through. She told me that she knew I have had struggles with being here and just in dealing with the kids and church. She said they pray for us every day. Then she told me that they were thankful we were here and that we have made their transition easier. I finally feel after 2 years of being here that I finally have a friend. I know she is someone I could call when I'm having a bad day and she would listen and give me some encouraging advice. I am so thankful that God has called them here.

Then this morning we went to the school's first football game. Pastor and Barb and the kids met us there. I wasn't sure if Barb and Annie would be coming so it was a great surprise and nice to be able to sit and visit with her again this morning.

I also mentioned something to her about getting together, just her and I, on a regular basis. If it turned into more ladies getting together that would be fine, but even starting with us would be great. So, we are going to try to work something out.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bad Day

So, how can it go from a good reminding post to such a bad one? I'm afraid today is not as uplifting as others or as I would like it to be, but I just need a place to put my thoughts right now. It is not a good morning and I am sure it is mostly my attitude. I have a headache, I'm not sleeping well at night (but of course can in the morning when I need to get up), I have a 2-year old that is pushing the limits and a one-year old that is trying to keep up with her brother. I have been wanting to get up early to read so I can start my day out on a positive note, but with not sleeping good and a child that gets up anywhere from 6 to 6:15, I just can't seem to get up early enough. I know I could probably get up when Michael does and still get to read, but I'm still so tired from not sleeping well and I don't even want to mess with it. So, by the time I do get up he's really awake and I need to get breakfast started. Then there are the mornings like today when Grace decides to wake up earlier than usual so I am getting out of bed and getting her up at the same time. Luckily, I had breakfast planned (a coffee cake I made yesterday and just had to bake this morning), but making the kids wait 30-40 minutes is like making them wait all day. Then I can't even get dressed, go to the bathroom, or check my e-mail without them either coming up to "help" me or getting into something. I walk down this morning after getting dressed and all and find them on a chair in the kitchen getting into the coffee cake, opening a box of cake mix (luckily they didn't get the bag open) and trying to get into the cupcakes. I feel like all I've done is yell all morning (which makes the headache worse) and felt like crying. I've really been trying not to yell and it was going good. Oh, and then I thought well we'll sit down and color some brown paper bags and make puppets. I should have waited until a day when I was really ready to deal with that. I have a midwife appointment at 12 and my pastor's wife is coming to stay with the kids so I don't have to take them....11:30 can't come soon enough. I am hoping to lay down today for a nap when the kids do, but we'll see. Grace decided she still needed a nap this morning. I NEED AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!!
I guess I'm done ranting now. Hopefully I will have something better to say later.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yesterday was a rainy day...very unusual here. It was a lot cooler though so that was nice. Last night we went out to the store and while we were out we saw the most beautiful rainbows. The first one was very looked like you could reach out and touch it. The other one was right above it and a little lighter. We could see all of the bottom one and most of the top one. The only part on the top one we couldn't see was the very top where it went up into thick clouds. It for one reminded us how open the sky is out here that we could see the whole rainbow. It also reminded us of God's promise....and gave us an opportunity to tell Michael why there is a rainbow in the sky (and not the scientific reason). He loved seeing it. It was still rainy this morning so we had to take Paul to school. Michael kept asking where the rainbow was. He thought it would still be out there this morning.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Funny story

Ok, so before I go to bed I had to write about what happened this afternoon. Paul had told Michael before he went down for his nap that after his nap we could go swimming. So, Michael gets up and comes in Grace's room, where I was just getting her up, and says "I want to go swimming". So we went to tell Paul that he was ready. The pool wasn't filled yet, but fortunately out here we can fill it and get in it right away and it is still warm enough. So anyway, Paul and the kids get in while I grab a snack and the towels. Then I go out to get in and notice it is thundering off in the distance and the wind is picking up. We realize we may not be able to stay in for very long. Of course, about 15 minutes later the wind is really picking up and we think we are in for a storm. So we grab the kids and rush in the house. Michael doesn't like this because he is having fun in the pool. So I suggest that we go get in the bath tub with our clothes on and play like it's a pool. So the kids and I got in the tub with our clothes on and played. Then Michael finally decided he wanted to wash himself so we stripped the kids down and washed them up. They had so much fun and it was kind of fun for me too to get in the tub with them. It was just something I never would have thought about doing before, but it was something that will make me smile every time I think about it.


So, we ended up at Applebee's last night for their 2 for $20 deal. It was really good and we even splurged for a dessert! It was great being able to eat and talk without interruptions from the kids. The kids also had a good time at our friend's house. They all played well together.

Today I spent the morning helping at a garage sale at my midwife's office. I think we did good. It started out cool since the sun was behind some clouds, but then the clouds went away and it got hot! Luckily one of the girls had brought a canopy for us to be under. Paul and the kids went to the first football game (well scrimmage) for the school. They didn't stay for all of it, but had a good time. Paul said the kids were really good. Now it's time for an afternoon of rest. I'm still waiting to cool off enough to figure out what I want to eat. I think I'm getting close now.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chapter Two

So, today has been a good day. I went to bed feeling sick last night, but woke up to a play room and living room where I could see the floors! I have a wonderful husband!! Since I woke up to everything picked up I was able to get the vacuum out and sweep the floors. I had wanted to do this yesterday, but just couldn't get the energy to pick up the toys. Also, my back and hip have been bothering me so the bending and squatting are hard. Anyway, I was able to get ALL the floors vacuumed and the kids played the whole time. I also made my bed again today and cleaned up the kitchen. I even sat down and colored with the kids and played blocks.

Paul and I are going out to dinner tonight. I am so excited! I'm not sure where we are going yet. He wanted to maybe try out an Italian place he found online.

I also worked on my purpose statement today as the kids were going to sleep. I am going to post it here so I can look back at it periodically and see how I'm doing. I think I may print it off and hang it on my kitchen cabinet so I can see it each day to remind me.

My Purpose Statement
God - I will spend time every day in God's Word.
Physical family - I will provide a clean house and good meals.
Spiritual family - I will pray for a different church member each day.
World - I will look for ways to help others around me and act on them (i.e. babysit for a friend's child, make a meal for someone, give a gift to just lift someone's spirits)

I also started chapter two today in my book. It is talking about fulfilling the roles God has given me as a woman. Anne says she has discovered four roles that God has given us. They are to be a helper to man, mother of children, manager of a home and minister to the world. "It is only when we as women determine to abide within the boundaries set by Him that we find true peace, joy, and fulfillment." God has given me a husband so I can complete him, not compete against him. He has also blessed me with children and I need to remember this every day. In Titus 2:5 Paul told Titus to "admonish the older women to teach the younger women to be homemakers". Anne points out that the word "homemakers" in the original Greek means to be guardians of their homes, "a stayer at home". Some women may be able to work outside the home, but for me to make my home and family my priority I need to be home where I can focus on them. I then need to be reaching out to others around me in my church and in my world.

This chapter is a real challenge to me to think about how my home and family should be my top priority (after God) and that by being home I am able to fulfill that role. I shouldn't get down on myself because I'm not out in the "work force". I am fulfilling the role God wants for me and I can learn to be content in that area.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random thoughts for today

Ok, so no reading thoughts today (I actually haven't done my reading yet). My sister-in-law commented on my blogging that she was impressed that with 2 little ones and another on the way that I could do it when she can't even get her bed made. So....I made my bed today! LOL I had been in a good habit of making it, but lately had been slacking. I realized she was does make me feel better when it's made because it's at least one thing I've gotten done today! It was a pretty good day although I felt very tired most of the day. I don't know if it's the 3rd trimester kicking in or not enough good stuff to eat, but I hope I haven't lost my energy yet.

I did get to spend time with a friend this morning. She stopped by with her 3 year old son. The kids all played while we sat and talked. It is so nice to have the kids at the age where I can sit and talk with a friend again. It would be better if I had more friends drop in now! Then this afternoon I was able to watch a friend's little girl while she went to the gym. Her little girl has not liked going to the day care in the gym since they came back from vacation in May so she has not been able to go work out. I told her she was welcome to drop her off at our house and we could see how it would go. She did try going to the gym first, but she didn't like it so she brought her on over. She cried and screamed for about 30 mins then decided it wasn't so bad being here and started playing with some toys. As long as I didn't talk to her she was fine. :-) She played for about 30 mins then all the sudden started crying again. Then she cried till her mom came back. I told her she didn't cry the whole time and that I would be glad for her to keep trying. I think we are going to try to just have them come over and play a couple times so she can get used to me and the kids and the house more. She does like the dog so that helps. When my friend came to pick her daughter up she offered to watch our kids tomorrow night so Paul and I could go out. I think we are going to take her up on the offer. I didn't watch her little girl so she would watch ours, but this could be a good thing.

Michael has been listening to Patch the Pirate a lot lately. He would listen to it all day long if I would let him, but since we only have 2 cd's I'm not ready for that. :-) I can tell he is really listening to it though because he repeats some of the phrases. And then out of the blue during the day he will say them. Sometimes it takes me a minute to figure out what he's talking about. Grace really likes the music so she likes listening to them too.

I guess nothing else eventful happened today so I will just say good night now!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chapter One

Today I am reading Chapter one...Setting Priorities. I've never thought about the fact that when God created the light, water, flowers and wind he just spoke them into existence, but when he created the first person, he lovingly reached down and formed him out of the dust of the ground and then He breathed the first breath into that person. That to me just shows how much more He cares for us than he does for the rest of creation! We are the only ones He can have a personal relationship with and that is what He wants. God is my first priority...not my husband or my kids or others. I am here to bring glory to God.

Ephesians 2:10 "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them".

According to Matthew 6:33 (one of my favorite verses) my top priority is to seek God. God will handle where I live, what I eat, and the clothes I wear, but I just need to seek after Him, daily.

Mark 8:38 "For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels". I do not want Jesus to be ashamed of me when I stand before God in judgment...therefore I will not be ashamed of Him today.

In the book it suggest to write out a purpose statement for each priority area (God, physical family, spiritual family and world). I will work on this and post my statement in another post so I can look back on it in a month to see how I did.

Lord, please help me as I go through this book to see what you want with my life. Help me to make you my first priority. Help me be like you so that others can see you through me. Amen.

First Post

I have decided to start a blog. I am reading through the book Juggling Life's Responsibilities by Anne Elliott and I wanted to write my thoughts somewhere. If someone else can use my thoughts as encouragement to them then I figured that would be better than putting them in just a notebook for myself. This is my first time blogging so we'll see how it goes.