Saturday, August 29, 2009

Better afternoon

Well, yesterday started out bad, but got a little better. My pastor's wife, Barb, came to watch the kids while I went to my midwife's appointment. Before I left I mentioned something about having a bad morning, but didn't really go into details. When I got back we let the kids play as we looked at the church ministry schedule together. As she was getting ready to leave we were standing outside and talking about disciplining. She gave me some really good advice and listened to my struggles. When she was then leaving she gave me a big hug and was crying. I started crying then too, but it felt good to have someone crying along with me and have someone listen to me that understood what I was going through. She told me that she knew I have had struggles with being here and just in dealing with the kids and church. She said they pray for us every day. Then she told me that they were thankful we were here and that we have made their transition easier. I finally feel after 2 years of being here that I finally have a friend. I know she is someone I could call when I'm having a bad day and she would listen and give me some encouraging advice. I am so thankful that God has called them here.

Then this morning we went to the school's first football game. Pastor and Barb and the kids met us there. I wasn't sure if Barb and Annie would be coming so it was a great surprise and nice to be able to sit and visit with her again this morning.

I also mentioned something to her about getting together, just her and I, on a regular basis. If it turned into more ladies getting together that would be fine, but even starting with us would be great. So, we are going to try to work something out.

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  1. Oh my word! I have tears in my eyes! I'm SOOOO thankful for her and I don't even know her! I want to meet her! She's such an answer to prayer! This only makes me miss you MORE!!!!!!!! Love you LOTS!