Friday, August 21, 2009

Chapter Two

So, today has been a good day. I went to bed feeling sick last night, but woke up to a play room and living room where I could see the floors! I have a wonderful husband!! Since I woke up to everything picked up I was able to get the vacuum out and sweep the floors. I had wanted to do this yesterday, but just couldn't get the energy to pick up the toys. Also, my back and hip have been bothering me so the bending and squatting are hard. Anyway, I was able to get ALL the floors vacuumed and the kids played the whole time. I also made my bed again today and cleaned up the kitchen. I even sat down and colored with the kids and played blocks.

Paul and I are going out to dinner tonight. I am so excited! I'm not sure where we are going yet. He wanted to maybe try out an Italian place he found online.

I also worked on my purpose statement today as the kids were going to sleep. I am going to post it here so I can look back at it periodically and see how I'm doing. I think I may print it off and hang it on my kitchen cabinet so I can see it each day to remind me.

My Purpose Statement
God - I will spend time every day in God's Word.
Physical family - I will provide a clean house and good meals.
Spiritual family - I will pray for a different church member each day.
World - I will look for ways to help others around me and act on them (i.e. babysit for a friend's child, make a meal for someone, give a gift to just lift someone's spirits)

I also started chapter two today in my book. It is talking about fulfilling the roles God has given me as a woman. Anne says she has discovered four roles that God has given us. They are to be a helper to man, mother of children, manager of a home and minister to the world. "It is only when we as women determine to abide within the boundaries set by Him that we find true peace, joy, and fulfillment." God has given me a husband so I can complete him, not compete against him. He has also blessed me with children and I need to remember this every day. In Titus 2:5 Paul told Titus to "admonish the older women to teach the younger women to be homemakers". Anne points out that the word "homemakers" in the original Greek means to be guardians of their homes, "a stayer at home". Some women may be able to work outside the home, but for me to make my home and family my priority I need to be home where I can focus on them. I then need to be reaching out to others around me in my church and in my world.

This chapter is a real challenge to me to think about how my home and family should be my top priority (after God) and that by being home I am able to fulfill that role. I shouldn't get down on myself because I'm not out in the "work force". I am fulfilling the role God wants for me and I can learn to be content in that area.

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