Saturday, August 22, 2009

Funny story

Ok, so before I go to bed I had to write about what happened this afternoon. Paul had told Michael before he went down for his nap that after his nap we could go swimming. So, Michael gets up and comes in Grace's room, where I was just getting her up, and says "I want to go swimming". So we went to tell Paul that he was ready. The pool wasn't filled yet, but fortunately out here we can fill it and get in it right away and it is still warm enough. So anyway, Paul and the kids get in while I grab a snack and the towels. Then I go out to get in and notice it is thundering off in the distance and the wind is picking up. We realize we may not be able to stay in for very long. Of course, about 15 minutes later the wind is really picking up and we think we are in for a storm. So we grab the kids and rush in the house. Michael doesn't like this because he is having fun in the pool. So I suggest that we go get in the bath tub with our clothes on and play like it's a pool. So the kids and I got in the tub with our clothes on and played. Then Michael finally decided he wanted to wash himself so we stripped the kids down and washed them up. They had so much fun and it was kind of fun for me too to get in the tub with them. It was just something I never would have thought about doing before, but it was something that will make me smile every time I think about it.

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