Sunday, August 30, 2009

I don't like you

I couldn't believe it....the words "I don't like you" just came out of Michael's mouth to me. He wasn't in his bed and laying down like he should have been so I had to go in and spank him. He looked right up at me and said "I don't like you". Where is he learning this? I have never said that to him. I almost started crying. I know it's just something he's learning, but still it hurts to have your child tell you they don't like you. I know, I a few years as a teenager that is probably all I will hear. Paul says "well at least he's figuring out who's boss". I don't know...I still don't like it. I guess now I have to teach him that it's not me he doesn't like, it's what's happening. Oh, the struggles with a strong-willed child. And I think I have another one right behind him.

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