Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Funny things Michael has said lately

Ok, so just in the last few days Michael has been saying some funny things that I had to put them here. Lately, when he's in the bath tub he wants to wash himself so we have been letting him...making sure he does it all and finishing what he doesn't get. The funny thing is when he does his toes he tries to do "This Little Piggy Went to Market"....only it comes out "this little market stayed home...this little market went wee wee wee all the way home". It is so funny.

Then he's been listening to Patch the Pirate a lot lately (we only have 2 cd's so it's the same ones over and over and over again), but now he's been walking around saying "whoo eee" (not sure how to spell that out!). It is funny because he uses it in context a lot. He will even say "whoo eee, it's hot in here".

Then he was talking on the play phone tonight and said he was talking to grandma. We don't know which grandma because when we asked he then said he was talking to Grandpa Welch. Then he said he was talking to grandma again a little later and he was telling her he didn't feel good. No idea where that came from since he's fine.

Last, as Paul was putting him to bed he said to Paul "daddy, you are sweating...you need to put a shirt on". Paul had an undershirt on, but no t-shirt. It was just too cute!

He definitely keeps us laughing. Oh wait, one more....also because of Patch the Pirate....we were sitting at the table the other night and all the sudden he says "Help, AAAHHHAAA (like tarzan) Banana Man (from one of the cd's). It was just too funny!

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  1. AW!!!!!! I'm so glad you're writing these! You'll be thankful when he's older! Such a cutie!