Saturday, September 19, 2009

My wonderful husband and annoying neighbors

I just got done having a free pedicure by my husband! I never would have thought he would paint my toe nails!! Sure he massages my feet for me every once in a while, but painting my nails...I just never imagined. I had asked him this morning if he would take the polish off while the kids were down for naps. I am having a hard time reaching my feet at the moment so I figured he would maybe do that for me. He said he would. I said I wouldn't ask him to paint them though. He said as long as he could watch football while he was doing it he would paint them too. He did an awesome job! I chose a light color just in case, but I probably could have gone with a darker color and would have been fine. Thank you, Paul!

We have neighbors though that decided to practice their music (garage band) right as we put the kids down for a nap. Grace finally went to sleep, but Michael never did. He did stay in his bed and was quiet so I thought he was asleep, but when I checked on him he was still awake. I don't know how he knew, but 2 1/2 hours after he was put down for a nap he got up. It's like he knew he had laid in there long enough. I don't mind that he didn't take a nap because he seems to be in an ok mood (right now), but it's just annoying that they have to practice during nap time. Like Paul said though...if he was tired enough he would have gone to sleep anyway.

Well, off to take a shower and then go to the high school football game. I am really craving nachos and cheese so I may have to get some. Supper will be later, so I'll need a snack! :-)

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