Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Real quick

Just real quick...I was checking my e-mail last night before going to bed and as I turned away from the computer and went to get ready for bed I saw a book laying on the floor. It has been one of Michael's favorite books and is now one of Grace's favorites. So, I am reading it all the time. As I turned and saw it laying on the floor I started reciting the book from memory. It struck me all of a sudden that I knew this book by heart, but I can't even remember Psalm 23 anymore. I haven't had to recite Psalm 23 in a long time and I have forgotten the order of it. Sure I could probably patch it together here and there and come close, but this book of the kids' I know every word. It really hit me that I don't know the Bible as well as I should.

I had been thinking lately about reading the Bible straight through in a year. I have never done it before, but have read and been told it is something good to do. I figure what better way to get to know God than to read his Word daily. I looked up programs to help me know what to read every day. I found them, but of course they all start on January 1st. Well, I don't really want to wait till then. So, I e-mailed my pastor (thinking he would get back to me pretty quick) and asked if he thought I should start with the date I was at or start on Jan 1st reading and adjust it. He said he thought I should start on Jan 1st. So, I printed off the reading guide and converted it to a spreadsheet with the date starting today. That way I could easily tell what I was supposed to read each day. Then tonight I told Paul what I had done and that I was planning to do this reading. He said he had been thinking about doing it too so thought we could both read it separately and keep each other accountable. It will also give us something to talk about. He said he probably would have started with the date for today though and just read to the end of the year and then started over in Jan. Oh well, I guess we will just start in Genesis now and then again in Jan. I can't wait to see how God uses this in our lives. I really hope we are strong enough to keep each other accountable. I think it will be really good for us.

Well, off to shower and read and then go to bed. Tomorrow's another day. Oh, both kids are acting like they are sick now. Runny noses and coughs. A little warm like a small fever. I think Michael may be getting what Paul has had, but Grace's may just be teething. We'll see.

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