Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well, now Grace has gone from biting to pulling hair. She has pulled Michael's hair a couple times. He has done it back once, but it didn't stop her yet. Last night they were wrestling before bed. I think she's really going to be tough. Michael couldn't decide if he should cry or laugh because she was on top of him. I've never seen him as a wimp, but I think he has been told so many times to be gentle with Grace that he doesn't know what to do when she "beats up" on him.

We have been having a hard time making it through bed time prayers lately. Since we put them in the same room we have been reading a story before bed. This in itself has been a challenge because Grace won't still that long. But, we figure eventually she'll get the hang of it. Then after we read we say bedtime prayers. Usually Paul says them and Michael repeats him. The last few nights though as soon as Paul starts, Grace starts laughing. So, of course, that starts a chain reaction and Michael starts laughing too. Paul tried to tell him last night it is not time to play and that he needs to be quiet and that Grace has to learn to be quiet too and she will learn from him. It at least helped get through that prayer. We'll see how tonight goes.

Thursday Barb, my pastor's wife, stopped by to drop off some Patch the Pirate cd's. She asked me if I had anyone to watch the kids on Friday while I went to my midwife's appointment. I said no, I hadn't called another lady yet. She told me to drop them off at her house and then leave them for the afternoon. It was so great that someone not only offered to watch the kids sometime, but said to drop them off for the afternoon and actually set it up. So I dropped them off around 10 and went to my appointment. Everything went well. The baby is growing big. They are estimating about 4 1/2 - 5 lbs right now, which is a little big. So, my thoughts are it's a boy. Anyway, then I went to see Paul while he was on lunch. I left there and grabbed something to eat, went to a second hand store to check on a pack 'n' play, then went to get blood drawn. Then I decided to go home. I came home and laid down for about 15-20 minutes then got back up and cleaned. I got so much done! I swept all 3 bedrooms, shampooed the baby's room, dusted everything upstairs, changed sheets on all 3 beds, cleaned both bathrooms, washed diapers, and shampooed a little in our room (basically to get rid of the cleaner already mixed). Paul came home while I was finishing so I sent him to get the kids so I could take a shower. I finished what I was doing, got my shower, got ready and still had to wait for him. I knew he would get to talking with Pastor and Barb. :-) So I finally called to see where they were and they were just pulling in the drive. We had planned to use some coupons and go out to eat, but when they got back, Paul asked if we could change plans. So, we went to Dion's (a pizza and sub place) with Pastor & Barb and their kids. We had a good evening with them. The kids did very well at their house and even took their naps good. It was nice for me to not have them around for a little while. I was able to relax even though I wasn't laying down the whole time. I really felt good about getting things accomplished too. Now if only the downstairs would clean itself! Paul did have the kids help him pick up all the toys tonight while I cleaned up after supper. So at least everything is picked up!

We walked down to the playground near our house tonight. The kids had so much fun going on the slide, swinging and of course climbing on everything. Michael is getting so good about being able to climb up the "rock wall", the "swirly thing" and all that stuff. The only injury was Michael falling out of the swing. He was swinging in a big swing and kept leaning forward. Paul told him he was going to fall out if he kept leaning forward and he finally did. He still had a hold of the chains so he just scraped his knees a little. He was fine a few minutes later and was back to climbing. Grace didn't want to get out of the stroller when we got home. She kept trying to get back into it!

Well, Grace is done in the bath tub so I've got to go get her.

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  1. You've thought you were having a boy from day one! SO very happy for you work on Friday! I just LOVE Barb! I really wish I could take her out to lunch or something! Such a God-send!