Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bible study

I forgot about this in my other post, but it really needs to go in one on it's own anyway. I have started going to a Bible study at another church. It is a Bible study about mothering. It meets every Tuesday afternoon and the first two were ok, but I knew I was going to have different view points at times than some of the women. Well, Monday night I sat down to go through the chapter for this week (yes, I know a little late, but it had been a busy week and I kept putting it off). Anyway, the chapter was all about our womb. There were some parts in it that I had a real problem with about how the lady talked about it. I talked it over with Paul and he helped show me that she was taking the verses out of context and we looked up other verses to dispute what she was saying. I was nervous about going to the study on Tuesday because I was afraid the other women were all going to agree with this lady. I was also ready to tell the leader that I wouldn't be back. Well, I got there and it was just the leader and one other lady. The others were all sick or out of town. We started the study and the first thing the leader says is that we have to remember that we are not going to agree with everything this lady (the author) says in her book and that we need to turn to the Scriptures for the truth. I was so relieved just to hear that part. Then she used the part that I had been struggling with most in the chapter as an example. I knew then that I wasn't the only one that had a problem with the things in this chapter. It was so great that God did this. I didn't want to quit going because I love getting out and being around other Christian ladies and God showed me that the ladies didn't agree with it all either. So I have also realized that Paul is right in saying that this study will be good for me if nothing else it makes me have to go through and really look at the verses she uses and figure out what they really mean.

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  1. Cool post! Thanks for sharing! So happy you're "getting out!"