Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catching up

So a lot has been going on lately. Most recently Paul was gone for the weekend. He went to Florida with another guy to attend a conference for school. Since I knew he was going to be gone I was giving Carleta and mom a hard time trying to get one of them to come out for the weekend to be with me. Well, the Tuesday night before Paul was leaving on Friday I realized I would be getting $100 commission from my aunt doing a Pampered Chef catalog show. So Paul says, "Why don't you see if your sister can come out if we pay $100 of the ticket". So I got online and sent her a message to her phone. She was shocked and of course wanted to know if I was serious. I checked with Paul and he said yes so I started talking to her online and searching for flights. Every flight we found was at least $350 or above. I was about to give up when I found a flight for $212 (base price). I kept looking at it and even had Paul come check it to make sure I was looking at it right. It was a ticket for round trip and it was only $212!! So Carleta and I were looking at the times and all. She talked to Danny and he said she could come! Then she realizes she needs to check her work schedule and sees that she is supposed to give tests on Friday to 5 students and can't see that anyone else can fill in. So, of course, my hopes dropped. Then she finally was able to get a hold of her boss and he said for her just to take off and they would cover it! So I was excited again! THEN, she realizes Danny has drill that weekend and Sunday is family day and she was supposed to go. So, again my hopes drop again. She talked to Danny though and he said she could still come!! SO I was excited again!! So I told her to book it fast before she thought of anything else! Friday at 11:30 am she arrived in El Paso!!! It was such a good weekend. The kids enjoyed having her here too and of course showing off for her. We went to see the snakes and lizards Friday night and watched them eat their supper. It was so cool. Saturday we were out running some errands and stopped by the midwife's office. Carleta was able to hear the baby's heart beat. Then Saturday and Sunday nights we sat on the couch and just laughed at how much my belly was moving. The baby even kicked Carleta pretty hard at one time. It was too funny. It was a special time also (at least for me). When I took her to the airport a friend came to the house to be with the kids so I didn't have to get them up from their naps. When I got back home the first thing Michael said was "where's Aunt Carleka". He already missed her.

Before we left for the airport the postman had dropped off a package at the door. We didn't have time to open it before we left so when we got home we opened it. It was a package for Michael and Grace from Grandpa and Grandma Welch. There was a cool green tractor in it for Michael...although Grace kept looking for hers too. So yesterday when Michael got up and was playing with the tractor he was driving it around and it crashed. I realized then that Grandpa was driving the tractor because he said grandpa crashed. It was so cute. Then all day as he played with it he talked about it being grandpa driving the tractor. Then this morning he was playing with it and showing it to Grace and said something about it not having big wheels like the other tractor. I can only figure he is talking about the real tractor that he rode on with grandpa. It was so cute.

Grace has learned a new thing too. Yesterday at two different times when she was doing something she shouldn't have been doing (like standing on the toy box) I was telling her to get down and she put her hands over her face. I guess she figured if she couldn't see me then I couldn't see her! It was funny, but I did let her know I could still see her. :-)

I think that's all for now. I am meeting a friend from PA today so I need to get my butt in gear and get ready.

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