Thursday, October 29, 2009


Ok, so since it's been 2 weeks since I last posted I thought I should write something. :-)

As I'm sitting here in comfy pants, paul's t-shirt and sweatshirt, fuzzy socks and drinking hot chocolate I am STILL freezing! Yes, I know it's probably still warmer here than other places (especially CO whose getting a lot of snow right now), but 50 degree weather here is freezing to me. Especially when we were still having 80 degree weather last week! I haven't even put clothes on the kids today....they have on footed pj's and I figured those would be warmer than their clothes, especially since neither one will leave socks or slippers on! So it would be a great day for a good book, a blanket and my hot chocolate. Unfortunately, I don't have a book (well, I could probably find one), but I need to lay down and rest anyway. So as I finish my hot chocolate I will write and then hopefully get a chance to lay down too.

The kids are changing so much! We are noticing Grace saying and doing things that she is picking up from Michael. It is so neat to watch her try to do the things he does. This morning they were running around playing with the bouncy balls (the cheap ones from Wal-Mart, not the little bitty ones from the machines) and Michael put his down and was sitting on it and bouncing. Grace had to come right over by him and do it too. Then he started singing "Winne the Pooh" and Grace was singing it too! It was so cute! She was also using the drawing pad today and made a line and a dot and said "I". I don't know that she really knew that she did draw something that resembled an "I" since she drew some squiggly lines after that and said "I" too, but it was cute because she is learning that from Michael also. She really loves her big brother and is trying to keep up with him.

Michael is doing so well with recognizing his letters now. He still can't sing the Alphabet song exactly right, but he tries. He writes part of his name now too. He is starting to learn his numbers more now, but still gets them confused with letters sometimes...i.e. he'll call a 3 an E. He is really getting more into singing now too. He loves to sing the B-I-B-L-E, Jesus Loves Me, Oh How I Love Jesus, the alphabet song and others. He still enjoys Patch the Pirate too, but we've not had to listen to them constantly now so that's better for Paul and I. Michael really loves it when Paul gets his guitar out and sings songs. He will sometimes sing with him, but most of the time he just runs around and does "circles". At church he and Annie (the pastor's daughter) will get the stand and put hymnals on it and sing. Paul and I were just talking the other night about trying to find some board games that Michael could play. Then last night Barb brought one in for them to play in the nursery. She had to modify it just a bit, but she said Michael and Annie did very well with it. So we are hoping to find some for his birthday or Christmas.

I think the kids may "know" that something is about to happen because they have been more cuddly lately. Barb even mentioned last night that Grace was wanting to be held more. She was really a mommy's girl yesterday too. She would hardly go to Paul last night, but kept running to me to pick her up. They have both been cuddling up and reading books or just wanting to sit on my lap (what's left of it) to play. This morning I got down on the floor with them and we just played. Nothing in particular...just played and read a couple books. It was so fun...until I had to get up!

We are anxiously awaiting this 3rd baby to come. Any day now really. I have 3 weeks till my due date, but could go any time. I still need to get things out for the clothes, etc, but I keep thinking I have lots of time. Carole comes in a little less than 2 weeks! I am at least hoping I can wait till she gets here (or I should say the baby can wait). With Grace she got here right on time so we'll see. I am also excited about having company for Thanksgiving this year! Wayne will be coming in around the 19th or 20th and so Paul's parents will both be here for Thanksgiving and Michael's birthday (since it's the same day this year).

Just one more thing then I need to lay down....Tuesday I had 3 ladies that came over to clean my house. I guess they were noticing how dirty it was and thought they could help! :-) Actually, they are very good friends and knew I needed some help. It was great having Barb, Susan and Sami here and also great to have a clean house again. They did a wonderful job! It has lifted my spirits and energy in just having them do this for me. I think the kids enjoy the clean house too! I can hopefully keep it this way least till Carole gets here!

Ok so my hot chocolate is gone and it will be time for the kids to get up soon. I better get a little rest since I haven't all week.

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  1. AW! Thanks for the update! Even though you do a GREAT job keeping me posted on them! I miss them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear about my new niece or nephew soon! Love to you all! And I'm so thankful for your friends, Barb, Sue and Sami, I'm growing to love you too. We need to meet soon!