Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Arrival of Baby Lydia

Ok, so I have not done well with keeping up with this blog. I am going to try to write a little right now, but will probably have to update more later.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. Carole arrived on November 10th and I was surprised I didn't go into labor that night (since that's what happened with Grace). I was having problems with my tailbone hurting and it was great to have her be here and help out. On Wednesday we realized it was not my tailbone hurting, but it seemed I may have a boil. So on Thursday when we went to visit the midwife we had her look at it and she sent us to the Urgent Care for them to take care of it. Unfortunately, the doctor there didn't know what she was doing and said it wasn't a boil and didn't do anything for me. By Friday I was in so much pain I couldn't sit and was having a hard time finding a comfortable position to lay in. We went back to the midwife's office to have her look at it again. This time she found us a dermatologist to see. So we went to her office. They said it definitely was a boil and she lanced it right then. Not much drained out, but it did help a little. I was then put on antibiotics. The midwife said she was hoping I could be on those for about 24-48 hours before I went into labor to help not pass the infection on to the baby. Saturday was a little better and by Sunday it was much better. I stayed home from church on Sunday and while the rest of them were gone I kept thinking my contractions seemed to be pretty regular. When Paul, Carole and the kids got home I didn't say anything because I didn't want to get their hopes up, but Paul knew because I was feeling better and had done some things around the house that I would probably go into labor that day. So I ended up telling them that I thought I was in very early labor.

Nothing happened before time for church that night so they all went to church and I stayed home again. I was fine, but by the time they got home my contractions were getting stronger and closer together. We called the midwife to let her know what was going on. They came over about 9 pm to check on me. They said I was only dilated to 3 cm so they went to Kamy's house to rest. They were only 10 minutes away then instead of an hour. We all went to bed and tried to rest. Paul of course rested just fine...but that was because I told him to just go to sleep. :-) I kept waiting for my water to break though since it did with Michael and Grace first. About 3:30 am Paul called the midwives back and they arrived around 4 am. By this time they said I was 6 cm dilated so they just relaxed and rested while I labored more. Just before 6 am I told Paul I couldn't do it anymore....this we knew was my sign that it was almost over. I kept thinking to myself "am I just saying this because I know when I say this that I'm close to the end or am I really at the end". Well, it was just a few minutes later that I felt the head coming down. It was really weird because I didn't even realize I was pushing, but the head was definitely coming. I was in a squat position and remember saying over and over that the baby is coming because I didn't think anyone was catching her. Then I realized the midwife was ready. The head came out and the body got stuck for just a few minutes. They realized I was pushing, but the baby wasn't moving so the one midwife gently pulled the baby as I pushed and she finally slid out. We realized later that her head and chest were the same size so that's why she got "stuck".

Lydia Carole was born at 6 am, November 16th. She weighed 8 lbs and was 19 3/4" long. Her head and chest were 13 1/2 cm. She is beautiful and has lots of hair. She cried for the first half hour. She really didn't want to come out into the world! :-)

Now she is 8 days old. She is doing great and already changing so much. Michael and Grace love her so much. Michael is such a great big brother and is even more gentle with Lydia than with Grace. I think he thinks Grace is more his size and of course walking and all that he can be more rough with her. He loves holding Lydia and wants to help carry her too. Grace has been great with her too, but until yesterday wouldn't say her name. Now she calls her Lydi. She finally gave her kisses a few nights ago too. I guess she has realized that she is staying around.

Oh, Michael woke up 15 minutes after she was born so Carole was able to watch the birth also while keeping an ear out for Michael. He heard her crying, but didn't know what it was. It was so great having him come in soon after the birth again and being able to meet her. Grace woke up later and it was also neat having her come in to see the baby. When the midwives were leaving Michael wanted to know if they were taking their baby with them. :-) He didn't understand yet that she was staying here. Then later he said something about her sleeping at her house so we had to explain that this was her house too and she would be staying here. :-)

They are doing very well with adjusting to her being here, but they are also getting attention from grandma and grandpa. Unfortunately, Wayne and Carole will be leaving on Monday (6 more days) so then I will be on my own for a week and a half until my parents get here. It will be challenging I'm sure as we adjust during the day, but I will just have to do my best. Carole has been such a great help and I've not had to worry about cooking or cleaning at all. This has been a great thing since having the 3rd baby in 3 years has been harder on me this time to recover.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday and also Michael's birthday. We are actually having his party on Friday. I am so thankful for my family and friends!