Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was good. It was hard not being home with our families this year, but we had fun with just our little family. My parents were here December 9th through the 15th. We had a good visit with them and did Christmas with them. We let the kids open one present while they were here and we gave them theirs. They also helped us put up our tree and decorate. The kids had a good time hanging the ornaments on the tree. We weren't sure how they would do with the tree, but they didn't touch it too much. They also didn't mess with the presents that were under it for about 2 weeks. I was really impressed. They got great new toys and clothes. Now it is time to go through the toys and get rid of some or put them away!! We made up goodie plates for the neighbors and people at church. The kids helped make the dipped pretzels and some cookies. We all went as a family then to deliver them to the neighbors. The first house we went to was an older couple and they invited us in to visit. They had a little ceramic tree that had a train that ran on a battery and moved around it. Michael thought that was so neat. We went to the next house and he thought we should go in again. I guess he thought they should all invite us in! He also thought they would all have trains! LOL

We then had some people over for lunch Christmas day. We had a good lunch and a good visit together with them.

Michael has started potty training this week. We started on Tuesday and he has only had 3 accidents (2 on Christmas day). All the accidents have been at home and while he was really involved in something and not paying attention. Otherwise he has done very well. We have even gone out a few times and to church today and he has made it to the bathroom. He was very ready to be trained, but I wanted to wait till Lydia was born then till Paul was home on break to work with him. I just hope Grace & Lydia are this easy to train. I've always heard girls are easier so we'll see. Grace seems interested now since she watches Michael, but I'm not quite ready to train her yet. LOL

Well, the new year is approaching and there are lots of things I want to work on this year. We'll see how well that goes!

Monday, December 7, 2009

All kinds of emotions

Ok, so lots going on the last few days. Grandpa and Grandma Vawter left us last Monday. The first week of having the 3 kids by myself went pretty well. Michael and Grace both ended up sick though. Grace has been worse than Michael with a fever and just not acting herself. She is still fighting it today. Lydia has been spitting up and yesterday actually vomitted. I was a little concerned at that point so I called my midwife. She said it could be that she's going through a growth spurt and is eating too much, but not to worry unless she starts projectile vomiting or acts dehydrated. I was also thinking it could be acid reflex. She hasn't vomitted again since then, but has been a little more fussy today.

I had a shock this morning. I took Lydia up to change her diaper on our bed. I then left her lay there while I went to put clothes on Grace. Michael came in their room with us then left. I thought he went downstairs. Lydia had started fussing. I realized her crying was getting closer and looked up to see Michael walking from our room to their room carrying Lydia! He was carrying her up on his shoulder and actually had a good hold on her, but it made my heart drop! I explained to him that he wasn't big enough to pick her up or carry her, but that he wasn't in trouble. Hopefully he won't try it again.

Over the weekend I found out that an old friend of mine from IL, Joe Oreskovich, was killed in a car accident. He was married and had 2 girls. I found out yesterday he was hit by a train. They think the sun was in his eyes and he didn't see it, but obviously we will never really know what happened. As far as I know he is now in Heaven with our Lord.

Then this morning I had such exciting news. My sister and brother-in-law are taking in a 16 year old boy that plays on Danny's basketball team. It's so sad that his mom doesn't want him, but we are excited to welcome him into our family. I wish we were going to be at home for Christmas so we can meet him. I am so excited for Danny and Carleta, but know they are in for some changes and challenges. I will definitely be praying for them daily.

I am also starting to think about Christmas and that we will not be with our families. I am trying not to get down about this (yet) and trying to focus on all the fun stuff we are planning to do with the kids. I want to focus on making it a special time for them and not bring everything down with missing home. I know it will be hard, but we did just see Paul's parents and my parents will be here in a couple days for a week. I know it will be hard saying good bye to them though knowing we won't see them at Christmas.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On my own

So today is the second day that I have been on my own with all 3 kids. It has gone surprisingly well. The older two were very well behaved yesterday and today. Lydia slept good and we brought the pack 'n' play downstairs so I could put her in it during the day. We are missing Grandma and Grandpa Vawter, but I think it is good that we are getting used to being on our own again too. I haven't really tried to do too much yet and I don't have to worry about meals this week. We have someone bringing a meal every night except Wednesday and then we will just do left overs. This morning the school was on a 2 hour delay because we got some snow last night and this morning. So Paul didn't leave home till shortly after 10. It was nice being able to eat breakfast together and sit and talk. He was also able to get his geometry tests graded before he left. Grace slept till just before 10 so it was a pretty quiet morning.

I am going to my Bible study today. This will be the first time in about 3 weeks. I'm sure they will all be excited to meet Lydia. I am ready to get out again and be around moms. Jan is picking me up so I don't have to drive. She doesn't want me to over-do it. :-)

We all went to the mall last night. I needed to get my ring inspected. Unfortunately, we got all the way there before I realized I didn't have the paper with me to do it. The lady said I needed the paper, but I could have it inspected late (I was supposed to have it done in November). So we walked through the mall then went to Sam's to get gas and ice cream. It was a good night and nice for the kids to get out too.