Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lots happening

Lydia rolled over for the first time on Saturday. She rolled from her stomach to back...unfortunately Paul and I both missed it. Then Monday night she rolled from her back to her stomach and I saw her! She loves sitting in her exersaucer and watching the other two. She was laughing at them again today.

Michael and Grace are still learning and growing. Grace is such a little monkey. Today I caught her climbing on their play kitchen. She likes to get in the refrigerator and washing machine. Today she was trying to get in the microwave! She is so funny! Michael is really picking up on the Bible stories we talk about. He and Grace both talk around all week talking about the stories from Sunday and singing songs. It's so hard to be mad at them when they are not obeying when they start singing Bible songs. :-) I think they have figured out how to make me smile!

Monday is moving day again! This time just across town again. This is our 3rd year here and our 3rd house. Hopefully this will be the last move until we move away from here. I have been sick since Saturday night so packing has not been going well. I had a friend come by today that took the kids for a walk for an hour and a half so I was able to get a shower and do some picking up and packing. I feel much better from just having her stop by and giving me a break from the kids.

Well, kids are in bed so time to spend some time with Paul. Update ya'll later.

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