Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day

So, Mother's Day I woke up and heard Paul leave the house with Michael and Grace. The gift he thought I could use was a quiet Sunday morning to myself (and Lydia). So he took them to breakfast and then came back to get me for church. It was very nice. I then got in the van to find a card from the kids. He said he gave it to them and told them it was for me and they did the rest. Michael wrote his name on the inside and they both colored. Then Paul said Michael asked him if it was for me and he said yes. The next thing he knew Michael had written "MOM" on the envelope. Paul didn't tell him to or help him at all. It was so sweet. I am so thankful for a great husband that knew just what I needed.

Then I organized a Mother/Daughter brunch for church. It was a lot of planning, but I loved it! I even did the devotion. This is the first time I had ever done a devotion. I thought I would be very nervous, but since I had prepared so much for it and with God's help, I wasn't nervous at all. The day went well. We had a few ladies that had signed up, but then weren't able to make it. But all in all, I think it went very well.

I had Paul take me and the girls to the church for the brunch. That way he could help watch the girls as I finished with last minute details and then he and Michael ran an errand and then he worked on the van. So, I had asked him if he would bring my tennis shoes and shorts so I could walk home. I just wanted the time to myself and thought it would do me some good to walk. So on the way home I called my mom (she had left me a message). As I'm walking down the street I see a truck go through an intersection and a kid on a bike was coming from the street to the right and ran right through the stop sign and ran into the side of the truck. The kid (I think in shock or adrenaline) kind of jumped off the bike and ran or stumbled back a little then fell. There were a couple other people that saw it and a few more that heard it. I called 911 and they got units there quickly. The boy kept trying to get up, but we made him lay still. He had a nice knot on his leg, just below his knee, but otherwise seemed to be fine. He was probably about 13. Then I got home took a few minutes to relax and then got on the computer to start getting some things done and I received a phone call saying I had won from a raffle ticket I bought back when we moved. It is for a chiropractor/massage therapist. It includes the initial exam, 6 adjustments and any other services needed. I have my first appointment Friday! I was so excited! I could really use it. I have been putting off an adjustment, but I am having headaches and I'm pretty sure they are from my neck and back.

Well, I have once again just been reminded why I can't keep up on this blog. As I'm trying to do this "real quick" I have yelling and screaming going on. Then all is quiet finally and I turn around to realize Grace is unloading the folded diapers out of the laundry basket. UGH!!! Well, guess I should find something for her to do than destroy all of mine and Paul's work.

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