Friday, May 21, 2010

New recipes

So, the chocolate pudding and pie turned out great! I had enough pudding to make a pie and then have another big bowl of just pudding...probably would have been enough for 2 pies. I love the home made pie crust too....I usually don't like crust, but this was really good....baked just right. I also made apple butter. I combined a couple recipes I found and it is really good! I thought it would make a lot more than it did, but it filled a jelly jar and there was a little more that I put in a small Tupperware container. It will last a while, but I was hoping to have two jelly jars full so I could give one away. Oh well, at least I know my 8 qt. crock pot is big enough to double or maybe even triple the recipe! I know my mom (and maybe others) think I'm nuts in some of the things I home births, cloth diapers, and making things from scratch....but, I really like making things from scratch. I enjoy being in the kitchen and the taste of it later, knowing I did it myself. I have actually been thinking about checking on the price of apples and apple butter and am thinking about selling it. We'll see.

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