Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New things

Ok, so I'm horrible at keeping up with this blog. We are moved into our new house now and loving it! One floor, new carpet, new floors in bathrooms, new toilet in our bathroom (with a toilet seat that shuts on it's own!) and great area. We also bought a new swing set for the kids for the back yard. We already have things hung on the walls (which is a record for us) and it really feels like home. The kids love being able to run up and down the hallway.

Grace turned 2 on Friday. We didn't get to have a birthday party like planned because Paul and all 3 kids were sick over the weekend. We were going to reschedule, but decided we didn't want to draw her birthday out more. She is already potty training too. Unfortunately, it will probably take her a little longer than Michael (even though I always hear girls are easier and faster) because we are starting her so much earlier. She wants to go on the big potty like her brother though so I am trying. It has been a couple of trying days though (we've been trying for a few days though). Yesterday she peed once on the kitchen floor then once on the living room floor then pooped in her panties later. Today she peed on the living room floor twice. She knows how to go and likes to, but I don't think understands the feeling that she needs to go yet. She did poop on the potty already too. Oh well, one of these days she will get it...then I'll just have 1 in diapers!!!

Michael is really being the big brother now. He likes telling Grace and Lydia that they are not obeying him! LOL He can be a good helper when he wants to be though. He just amazes me with the things he picks up on and learns. Tonight he was tracing the letters on the trash can at Subway that say "thank you". He knew every letter. He also writes his name (has for a while) but has also started writing "mommy". Tonight he wrote "mom" even without me telling him which letters to write. He likes typing his name on the computer when I'm "talking" to Grandma or Aunt Carleta too.

Lydia is growing and changing so fast. She is trying to crawl now. She gets up on a knee and pushes, but hasn't quite figured out how to coordinate everything. She is so alert and loves watching her big brother and big sister. You can tell she really wants to get up and run after them. She loves it when they get on the floor and talk to her. Michael and Grace love it when she laughs at them too (or even just smiles).

Gotta go for now....Paul needs to finish up some work for his seminary class tonight. I will hopefully update this more soon.

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