Friday, June 11, 2010

One more week!!!

Just one more week and we will be getting on the road to Illinois and Wisconsin!!! Of course, I have been trying to get things ready for the trip and at least make a list of what we need to take, but I can't really get a lot of things ready till next week and then Paul will be working. Oh well, I guess that's why I have they can come help with the kids while I get things ready.

New Design

I decided to change the layout of the blog since it is really turning into more about the kids. I thought the blocks looked cute. I guess I will just have to change it from time to time to give it a new look! Lots to choose from.

Paul & Michael's project

Here is a project that Paul and Michael worked on together one day this week. I'm not sure how much Michael really helped with it since I had to keep Grace occupied to stay away from them. Now we just need to find a way to get some birds to come live in it!

Michael reading

Here is a video of Michael reading. We obviously haven't taught him about punctuation yet! LOL

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grace giving lessons

Here is another video of Grace. In this one she is giving lessons to Lydia already. It was so cute. Lydia loves playing the piano too.

Grace singing

Here is a video of Grace singing "Jesus Loves Me" from when she first received her piano. It was a birthday gift from us and Grandma and Grandpa Vawter.

T.V. time

So, I finally came up with a way to help teach Michael how to tell time and cut down on t.v. time!! This is our wall of clocks! LOL The green clock is when the show starts and the red clock is when the show ends. (The 2 individual clocks underneath are just the kids' clocks since they wanted one to play with). The left side is Michael's and the right side is Grace's. Then I copied off coloring pages of their favorite shows (and the ones I let them watch). I colored them then wrote the time and channel on them and then laminated them. The folder in the middle holds the "shows". Each morning they get to choose which show they want to watch and then we hang it beside their clocks and set their clocks. Then they know to watch the big clock and when it looks the same as the green clock they get to watch their show. It has worked out great! They ask to pick out their shows and we have been impressed that they are not choosing the same show every day (good for us too!!).


These are pictures of my latest "creation". I can't take all the credit for the idea since Paul came up with it. But, I can take credit for making them since he didn't help! :-) The kids had a bunch of broken crayons so I had them help me sort them out then I melted them and used the mold I bought for the Mother/Daughter brunch to make chocolates and made them new crayons. The frogs and lady bugs turned out good because they are thicker, but the butterflies were too thin and broke (or had help breaking). The kids thought they were so neat.....only one problem....they thought they were to eat! I had to keep telling them they were crayons and not candy! LOL

Monday, June 7, 2010

More thoughts

Ok, so instead of talking to Paul about my thoughts from the last post, I just left my blog up so he would read it. He did. Then at bed time he told me he thought I was right. :-) I was really too tired to discuss it so I just smiled and said thanks. Before I had left it up for him (and maybe before I wrote the post) I had e-mailed Anne Elliott, the author of "Juggling Life's Responsibilities". I asked her the same thing. Oh, I guess it was before I wrote the blog because it was before I figured it out. Anyway, I was so excited that she answered me. We have e-mailed back and forth a few times since then. I told Paul it's funny because I feel like I really know her. :-) She is a great encouragement too. She has 5 kids and said she remembers what it was like with the first 3 and hers weren't as close in age as mine. She suggested I read some of the "extra reading" books mentioned in a couple of the chapters in her book to help with things about the kids. I checked and of course our library doesn't have any of them. I need to check a web site Paul told me about to see if I can find any of them for cheap.

Anyway, I also have been thinking more about the abundant life thing and what to look for and how to show it myself. So, I realized the thing to look for and show is the character of God. Which in Anne's book and a couple other places I have found that Galations 5:22-23 is a great list! They are the verses about the Fruit of the, joy, peace, etc. I also looked this up in the notes from Scofield and thought it was neat how he has it listed out as love, joy and peace being an inward character.....longsuffering, gentleness and goodness being character we show to others and faith, meekness and temperance as character shown toward God. So, I guess that's where I will start!

I was then reading something today by Nancy Leigh DeMoss about the Titus 2 woman. Again something Anne has in her book and goes along with what I have been thinking about in finding a lady that shows these qualities and can teach me. I have also learned I am in that age where I can be the younger woman and the older woman. There are always girls younger than yourself (unless you are a newborn) so you can always be teaching someone else. But, I have really thought about it that I am going to be married 6 years in July and I have 3 kids. I have learned a lot in the last few years that I could help someone else with. Not that I'm an expert or anything, but I could tell stories about how we have made it through things and be an encouragement to someone. So, I have started praying that God will bring an older lady into my life (or show me one that is already there) that I can sit down with and really learn from and also that I can be that "older" lady for someone. I pray that He will show a younger girl to me that I can be an encouragement to. I know I can obviously learn from my mom and mother-in-law, but I am really praying that there will be someone closer in geography that God will show to me. :-)