Tuesday, June 8, 2010

T.V. time

So, I finally came up with a way to help teach Michael how to tell time and cut down on t.v. time!! This is our wall of clocks! LOL The green clock is when the show starts and the red clock is when the show ends. (The 2 individual clocks underneath are just the kids' clocks since they wanted one to play with). The left side is Michael's and the right side is Grace's. Then I copied off coloring pages of their favorite shows (and the ones I let them watch). I colored them then wrote the time and channel on them and then laminated them. The folder in the middle holds the "shows". Each morning they get to choose which show they want to watch and then we hang it beside their clocks and set their clocks. Then they know to watch the big clock and when it looks the same as the green clock they get to watch their show. It has worked out great! They ask to pick out their shows and we have been impressed that they are not choosing the same show every day (good for us too!!).

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  1. Wow, that's creative! Should have thought of that a long time ago! I'll have to remember that when summer's over. No time to watch TV in the summer...outside, sun-up to sun-down! or shall I say, "SON-up to SON-down!"