Friday, July 2, 2010


We are in our 2nd week of "vacation". Obviously, as a wife and mommy of 3 little ones I don't really get a vacation, but I am able to be away from home and my duties there. I still have my duties of wife and mommy wherever I go and I have been struggling with that lately. I always have in my mind that when we go on vacation that it means I will get a vacation too, but I quickly realize that's not the case. Last week was rough being at my parents house, but not having Paul there too. He went on up to Wisconsin to start his seminary classes that he would be taking while we are here. I think the kids had a hard time adjusting to the different place and weather. Of course, we get out here and it is in the 90's all week with high humidity. They are not used to the humidity so I think it really affected their moods (I know it did mine!). Plus, daddy just stayed one night then was gone for the week and I don't think they were really ready for that. We made it through the week though. Michael went with grandpa every morning to take great-grandma her medicine and then go eat breakfast at the restaurant. It started as just a Monday morning thing, but then he went every day! He really enjoyed that time with grandpa. Then a couple days he went out to the farm with grandpa to ride on the tractor. They actually worked the one day on picking up hay bales so that was exciting (at least the first day). The girls and grandma and I went shopping the one day. We had a good time too and I got new clothes for my birthday (thanks mom!)!! Then on Saturday Paul drove back down to spend the night with us and go to church on Sunday in Pana. Then we ate lunch in Decatur and then drove the 5 hours to WI to his parents house. We have had a pretty good week here although grandma was working the first part of the week and Paul has still had his afternoon class this week. There was another couple staying here with a 5 month old baby so it was fun to see Lydia around him. Andy and Amie got here last night so we plan to have fun with just them for a few days then Dave and his family come in on Tuesday night. It is a busy time, but good to be with family.

I am really learning some things about myself while being here and really feel that God is preparing my heart more for hospitality. I think He is really trying to show me that is my gift and helping me to see more ways to use it. I've also realized in talking with Carole that I have had a selfish attitude about a lot of things and didn't even realize it till I start telling her about it. I realize there are some changes I need to make about my attitude toward certain things (and people) so I can be joyful and can be used more of God.

Well, Lydia is sleeping and Carole took Michael and Grace to the library so I guess I should go refill my coffee and see if Paul and I can spend some time together.

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  1. Wish WE could be there too! Bummer how it worked out! Sounds like a good time though! Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!