Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting out there

Ok, so we are going on our 4th year being here in Las Cruces and I am FINALLY meeting people....and not just people, but other stay at home moms with little ones! In the last 3 weeks I have met so many moms that when I talk about them to Paul he has to stop me and ask which one they are. LOL I have met them at the mall, through selling stuff on Craigslist and now at Carl's Jr. The latest mom I met lives on a ranch in Hatch and has a little girl a month younger than Grace. She is also due to have another girl September 26. Her and her husband were both very nice and easy to talk to. We exchanged information and will hopefully be able to go out to their ranch sometime to ride horses and see all their animals.

I have also FINALLY been introduced to a play group in town. It was started about a year ago. They are very active and have probably 30 some moms that are members, but it's just whoever can come, comes. Tomorrow we are going to a pancakes-n-pjs at the organizers house. I have also been able to introduce a couple other moms to it too. I have been trying to invite the moms I'm meeting to church also, but either they already go somewhere or are not interested right now.

I am just so pumped about all the ladies I have been meeting and all the "play dates" that are to come!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Paul gone for a few days

Paul had to go to the high school retreat this year. Of course, he didn't know about it earlier enough to get out of it. Oh well, we have made it through, but let me tell you about the last couple days......

Ok, first off Grace has been potty training now for a week and she is doing awesome! Lydia is waving bye bye, clapping, trying to say bye bye and mama. She is also pulling up to a lot of things and the other day she walked around a chair while holding on.

Ok, so on to the last couple days..... I have met a lot of new ladies lately so I knew I would be busy during the day while Paul was gone. He left Wednesday morning and they get back this afternoon (3 days and 2 nights). Wednesday we went to the park to meet a couple of new moms and kids. The kids had a good time but it was hot. There was some shade so that was good. I had a good time too. The ladies were very nice and easy to get along with. The one mom goes to Calvary Baptist so we may be able to connect more (if we get a chance to really Then that night Susan and Casper (the principal's wife) came over to help me with supper and getting the kids ready for church. Then Susan came back after church to help me get the kids to bed. It was a great help! That night went pretty uneventful. Then Thursday was a little different day. While I was in the bathroom trying to get ready so we could go to the park and meet new moms and kids (a play group I found) Grace decided to go in the other bathroom and get in the cabinet. She was standing up in the sink and had found a small thing of shampoo (like from a hotel) and had it all over her arms. Then later that day when she was supposed to be sleeping she was in my bathroom and up on the sink again and emptied Paul's after shave. I'm not sure how much was in it, but she was filling it up with water so there was none left. Susan then came back last night to help with supper and bed time again. It was bath night too so she gave the girls a bath and then we got them dressed for bed. Michael wanted me to give him a bath so I did while she played with the girls and they picked up the rest of the toys. Then Michael wanted me to put him to bed and not Susan. I think he was really missing daddy. So I put him to bed then Susan put Grace to bed. I then got Lydia to bed. I was trying to go get a shower, but was waiting for the kids to settle down. Grace kept getting up and turning the light on. I went in many times and had to spank her. Susan went in a few times and tried to get them to settle down. Finally just before 9 I thought they were asleep or close to it so I shut the hallway door and we started watching a movie. It was a really good movie, but very sad (a kid died of cancer). It was over about 10:50 and I was hearing noises. I went to open the hallway door just to see that it wasn't the kids. I was wrong. Their door was open, the light was on, and they were wide awake!! I think they were probably awake the whole time! I was so mad....but I came out of their room repeating "I have healthy children, I have healthy children". Susan ended up having to go in once too before they settled down. Finally they were really asleep. I went to bed about 12:30 and of course they were up at 6:30. I couldn't believe it...I thought maybe they would at least sleep till 7. UGH!! Oh well, at least Lydia slept all through the night and woke up at 6:30 and then went back to sleep.

I am planning to go to a play group meet today with other moms that use cloth diapers also. I thought about not going since they had such a short night, but I think it will be better to go a head and go. Plus, they have actually been really good this morning.....maybe they were getting too much sleep! NOT!!! LOL

So, I am ready for Paul to get home today. I guess I don't realize how much of a help it is just to have him here (even if he's not directly doing anything at that time with the kids). Just having the second person really helps. I love you, Babe!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fun day

So, I decided last night that I was going to focus on the kids all day today and not worry about what I needed to do around the house. Ok, so looking at my house you would think that's how it's been for a while, but I really have been trying to do things. I am also just trying to get used to being the only adult at home again. I could tell the heat was really getting to the kids though and they were being crabby so we needed to do something fun today. So, this morning Lydia slept in till 9:30 or a little after. Michael and Grace and I were able to make some french toast sticks for breakfast. They were very yummy! Then we were able to plant some flowers before Lydia got up. We also went outside and moved their sand boxes around back. While doing that Michael decided to bring his bicycle around front so he could ride it on the carport. So after I got the sand boxes moved I brought Grace's trike around and they started playing with them and the chalk. Then Lydia woke up so we went in to get her. We went back outside and at some point (I think before getting Lydia) I started to bring the trash can back up to the house and there were a bunch of flies in it! So, I decided it needed to be cleaned out. So after Lydia nursed I put her in the stroller and started spraying the trash can out with the water hose. Then I put bleach in it to help the smell go away. Of course, I had to spray the kids too! I decided it was hot and they needed to be cooled off. They thought it was so much fun! Then we came inside and they played in a bubble bath for a half-hour. Then I made them a smoothie. After that I put Lydia back to bed and made Michael and Grace pizza on tortillas. As for naps.....Lydia of course woke up not long after the other 2 went down. Grace slept good, but woke up crying so she was put back to bed. Michael never went to sleep. Lydia went back down after Michael and Grace got up. Then we went outside again. Unfortunately, we left the bicycles in the sun so they "had" to be hosed down with water to get cooled off! So, needless to say the kids did too! LOL

Grace was in panties most of the day. She had one accident this morning. Then while eating a snack and having her smoothie she says "I have to go potty" and took off for the bathroom. Boy did she have to go!!! I think she figured out what it really felt like. Then when we were back outside this afternoon she told me she was going poopy. I said "you can't go in your panties!". She said she didn't go yet so I asked if she wanted to go in and go on the potty. She said yes and pretty much ran in the house. I had to wait for Michael and thought she would end up going in her panties, but she didn't. She went on the potty!!! Then again during supper she said she had to go potty and she ended up going poopy (on the potty)!!! Hopefully this means she's ready! It would be awesome to only have 1 in diapers!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My "baby"

My baby is crawling all around! She has figured out how to find us in other rooms. She peeks around the corner and just smiles great big! I can't believe how fast they grow up! Oh and now she has 2 teeth on the bottom, the two middle ones on top have broke through the skin and the two side ones on top are about to pop through! She will be eating meat in no time.....oh wait she already had venison and chicken! LOL Guess she'll be having steak soon! LOL

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

pop tarts

Ok so here is the link to the home made pop tarts.

Paul and I have been thinking of other ways to use this pastry recipe for other things making something like the breakfast scrambles, or even putting it in the mini-muffin pan and making appetizers with it or breakfast tarts.....stay tuned for our updates on our experiments! LOL

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rough day

So, it's been a rough day today. The kids (ok mostly Grace) have not been obeying well and Grace has been very crabby. Then tonight after supper she was supposed to be in her room playing, but Michael went back there and she wasn't in there. So before Paul got a chance to go see where she was she came out with no clothes or diaper on and her hair was all wet. He went back to our bathroom and she had been playing in the toilet. Of course she didn't just get herself all wet, she also got my small Bible wet (Paul said just the outside cover) and my "Juggling Life's Responsibilities" book (sorry Anne). Hopefully my book will dry out and the highlighted areas won't run! Only 1 more hour till bed time....hopefully the kids will make it to bed alive!

Oh on a good note.....I made home made pop tarts (thanks Anne for the recipe) and they were really good. Can't wait to have them again tomorrow morning....ok maybe I won't wait till then....just till the kids go to bed! LOL