Friday, August 13, 2010

Fun day

So, I decided last night that I was going to focus on the kids all day today and not worry about what I needed to do around the house. Ok, so looking at my house you would think that's how it's been for a while, but I really have been trying to do things. I am also just trying to get used to being the only adult at home again. I could tell the heat was really getting to the kids though and they were being crabby so we needed to do something fun today. So, this morning Lydia slept in till 9:30 or a little after. Michael and Grace and I were able to make some french toast sticks for breakfast. They were very yummy! Then we were able to plant some flowers before Lydia got up. We also went outside and moved their sand boxes around back. While doing that Michael decided to bring his bicycle around front so he could ride it on the carport. So after I got the sand boxes moved I brought Grace's trike around and they started playing with them and the chalk. Then Lydia woke up so we went in to get her. We went back outside and at some point (I think before getting Lydia) I started to bring the trash can back up to the house and there were a bunch of flies in it! So, I decided it needed to be cleaned out. So after Lydia nursed I put her in the stroller and started spraying the trash can out with the water hose. Then I put bleach in it to help the smell go away. Of course, I had to spray the kids too! I decided it was hot and they needed to be cooled off. They thought it was so much fun! Then we came inside and they played in a bubble bath for a half-hour. Then I made them a smoothie. After that I put Lydia back to bed and made Michael and Grace pizza on tortillas. As for naps.....Lydia of course woke up not long after the other 2 went down. Grace slept good, but woke up crying so she was put back to bed. Michael never went to sleep. Lydia went back down after Michael and Grace got up. Then we went outside again. Unfortunately, we left the bicycles in the sun so they "had" to be hosed down with water to get cooled off! So, needless to say the kids did too! LOL

Grace was in panties most of the day. She had one accident this morning. Then while eating a snack and having her smoothie she says "I have to go potty" and took off for the bathroom. Boy did she have to go!!! I think she figured out what it really felt like. Then when we were back outside this afternoon she told me she was going poopy. I said "you can't go in your panties!". She said she didn't go yet so I asked if she wanted to go in and go on the potty. She said yes and pretty much ran in the house. I had to wait for Michael and thought she would end up going in her panties, but she didn't. She went on the potty!!! Then again during supper she said she had to go potty and she ended up going poopy (on the potty)!!! Hopefully this means she's ready! It would be awesome to only have 1 in diapers!

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