Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting out there

Ok, so we are going on our 4th year being here in Las Cruces and I am FINALLY meeting people....and not just people, but other stay at home moms with little ones! In the last 3 weeks I have met so many moms that when I talk about them to Paul he has to stop me and ask which one they are. LOL I have met them at the mall, through selling stuff on Craigslist and now at Carl's Jr. The latest mom I met lives on a ranch in Hatch and has a little girl a month younger than Grace. She is also due to have another girl September 26. Her and her husband were both very nice and easy to talk to. We exchanged information and will hopefully be able to go out to their ranch sometime to ride horses and see all their animals.

I have also FINALLY been introduced to a play group in town. It was started about a year ago. They are very active and have probably 30 some moms that are members, but it's just whoever can come, comes. Tomorrow we are going to a pancakes-n-pjs at the organizers house. I have also been able to introduce a couple other moms to it too. I have been trying to invite the moms I'm meeting to church also, but either they already go somewhere or are not interested right now.

I am just so pumped about all the ladies I have been meeting and all the "play dates" that are to come!

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