Monday, August 9, 2010

Rough day

So, it's been a rough day today. The kids (ok mostly Grace) have not been obeying well and Grace has been very crabby. Then tonight after supper she was supposed to be in her room playing, but Michael went back there and she wasn't in there. So before Paul got a chance to go see where she was she came out with no clothes or diaper on and her hair was all wet. He went back to our bathroom and she had been playing in the toilet. Of course she didn't just get herself all wet, she also got my small Bible wet (Paul said just the outside cover) and my "Juggling Life's Responsibilities" book (sorry Anne). Hopefully my book will dry out and the highlighted areas won't run! Only 1 more hour till bed time....hopefully the kids will make it to bed alive!

Oh on a good note.....I made home made pop tarts (thanks Anne for the recipe) and they were really good. Can't wait to have them again tomorrow morning....ok maybe I won't wait till then....just till the kids go to bed! LOL


  1. Oh, I know those days! I'll be praying for my sweet Gracie-girl! Maybe she needs a good dose of Auntie Shannan! So wish I could be there! On a good note, since I'll be working Tuesday and Wednesday this year, Ben said Logan and I could come out some LONG weekend! YIPPEY!!!!!!!!! Now on to find a good deal that we can afford!
    Love you girl!
    Oh yea, and I want the pop tart recipe!

  2. Great!! Wish Ben and Nicholas could come too, but I'll settle for you and Logan if I have to! ;-) I will look for some deals too!