Thursday, October 28, 2010

More yummy treats!

Here is my new experiment. I call it Blackberry Turnovers! I took an idea of Apple turnovers from Heavenly Homemakers web site and made my own creation. I made some fruit dip the other day with blackberries and had some left over. I made pie crust today planning to make "blackberry stuff" (a family recipe). As I was making the crust I thought "hey, I could use this pie crust to make the apple turnovers". So then I was planning to get some apple pie filling out of the freezer when I remembered I had the blackberries still in the refrigerator. So, I adapted the recipe to what I had. I was glad I called my mom as I was starting it so she could tell me how to thicken the blackberries....thanks mom! They turned out WONDERFUL!!! Michael ate a full one himself! I have more pie crust left so tomorrow I will have to get the apple pie filling out and make some with that! If I ever get enough made before eating them I could freeze them! We'll see if that ever happens! :-)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Pictures from White Sands

Pictures from White Sands

For some reason Grace thought it was fun to put her face down in the sand WITH HER TONGUE STICKING OUT!!! It was all fun and games until she started choking on all the sand in her mouth! :-)

A Day at White Sands

The kids and I went to White Sands yesterday. I just decided mid-morning that it would be fun to go out and play for a while and then eat a picnic lunch. We did have a good time, but about half way there I realized it was farther than I was thinking. I thought it would only take us about 20-30 minutes to get there. I forgot it used to take 45 minutes from our other house which was about 10-15 minutes closer. Oh well, it just meant it was 12:30 by the time we got back to where we stopped. I spread out a blanket and the kids got out and started playing right away. I got all the lunch stuff out and Lydia and I started eating. Grace and Michael played for a while then finally came over and grabbed something to eat (quickly, I might add). Then they were off playing again! Lydia stayed on the blanket for a while, but as soon as she felt how cool the sand was in her hands, she was off! Then she was trying to keep up with the other two.

We were there for an hour and a half. The kids played very well and obeyed when I said it was time to go. Of course, it messed up nap time, but oh well, we had a great and relaxing time! And, they slept in this morning! Michael didn't get up till 7:10 and Grace didn't get up till almost 7:30! Lydia was up at 6 and nursed and went back to bed. She is still asleep (it is now 8:50)!

When we got back to town I didn't want to go home for a little bit then have to load them back up to go get Paul so we wasted time at Sonic and I got them some ice cream! So, it was just a special day of treats for them! :-)

This was a view of the mountains on our way back. I just thought it was so pretty.

Since I didn't put pictures on here first...I am having to move them around as I put them on. So, I am just going to do a separate post of some pictures.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ok, for those of you that like to read my blog I added your e-mail address so you should receive an e-mail when I update my blog. If you don't want to receive an e-mail just let me know and I will remove your name. If you are reading this and would like to receive an e-mail, please let me know what e-mail address you want it sent to.


I bought a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Yahtzee Jr. game for $5 at Wal-mart last week. This was the first time we played. This was just Michael and Grace playing (with our help). Michael won! Then we played again and Paul and I helped them, but played ourselves too. The kids both ended up with 19 points each and Paul and I ended up with 16 each! Something was wrong here! LOL Then we had the kids roll one time to break the tie and Michael won! They had a lot of fun and we had to play again on Sunday to teach Anne.

Wine box decoration

Here is one wine box that I got at a garage sale. I have 2 more and I plan to use one of them in this way also.

I have hung one on one side of this window in our room.....when I get the other one done it will go on the other side of the window.

Here is the wine box after I painted it....I used crackle paint, but I think I waited too long to do the second coat so it didn't really crackle. Oh well, it still looks good.

I want to put books on it like this, but can't decide which decorations to put on it. I figure when I get the other one done I will put one of these dolls on it. Here are a couple pictures of different ideas I am trying, but I'm still waiting on some opinions too.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh yea....more to outside

I forgot......Michael asked if grandma lived in California. After I tried figuring out which grandma and told him grandma Welch lives in IL and grandma Vawter lives in WI then he says "and we live in California". I said "no, we live in NM". So, then a little later he tells Grace we live in Las Cruces. A few minutes later he says it again, but it sounds more like "lost cruces". Then I hear him say "yea, we live in "lost cruces" that's why we're lost! LOL I guess he knows something we don't know!

Funny story

Ok, so some days I think Grace is more of a tomboy than Michael is a boy, BUT not today!

We were outside playing after lunch. I was sitting in the sun reading a book. The kids were playing in the sand box. Michael comes over and tells me he found a lizard. At first, I was horrified to know there was a lizard that close to our door (the sand boxes are right outside the back door). Then I realized it was tiny....not sure if it was a baby or just small. He brings it over and I tell him to put it on the chair near me. I wasn't sure if he was squeezing it or not and I didn't want him to hurt it. So, he starts walking back to the sand box and says he's going to put it back. I, of course, say no, you're still playing in it...just put him on the chair. So, as he's walking back to me to put it on the chair I see something drop, but I see he still has the lizard. Obviously, I just figure the lizard pooped, but Michael keeps looking at the ground. So, I asked what dropped. He says "his tail"!!!! So, then he picks it up and brings them both over and puts them on the chair! The lizard of course takes off running, but then I have to sit and watch the tail move for a few minutes!!! Then later he comes back to check it out again and then throws the tail on the ground. LOL Guess he has some boy in him after all! :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grace's private place

So, if Grace was old enough to read this she would probably be so embarrassed! But, since she's not and I thought this was so cute (and I didn't take the picture) I thought I would share it! When the babysitters picked up they also moved the chair a different direction. Grace used to go hide behind the chair to do her stuff ;-). Since she couldn't get behind it she just tried to hide at the back of it. It was so cute.

My house after babysitters

These are some pictures of my house after the babysitters were here. They even straightened up my bakers cart!!! They not only did my dishes, but they dried them and put them away!

Paul came home on a Friday night and told me to go get in the shower and be ready by 5:30. Then 2 girls (sisters) showed up to babysit while we went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then spent some quiet time at Barnes & Nobles.

When we got home Lydia was in bed (had gone to bed for them!!) and the house was picked up! Even their room was amazing....I wasn't sure what they did with all the toys because I had never seen that much of their floor before! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of that room before it got messed up again. lol

It was such a great evening and a blessing to come home to such a "clean" house!

Turkey sausage

This was my turkey sausage....again a recipe from Heavenly Homemakers. This is the ground turkey after I had added the spices.

Just a closer shot.

This is the sausage frying in the skillet. It was very good. We used the rest of it in omelets another day. Then one night I made chili with some ground turkey. It is very tasty.

"Breakfast" muffins

Ok, so I found this recipe on the Heavenly Homemakers web site for chocolate swirl muffins. I figured since she had them for breakfast and they were called muffins and not cupcakes that we could have them for breakfast too! So, mine aren't as healthy as hers since I didn't use the whole wheat flour, honey and stevia.....I used white flour, sugar (ran out of honey or I would have used it) and then sugar again. Oh well, they were very delicious and Michael & Grace both ate 2! Lydia probably would have too if I would have let her. Michael kept asking for another one. LOL These pictures were taken after we had already started eating....there were 3 more in there! Now there are only 3 left! :-)

Just random things going on

My phone fell apart on Thursday. I picked it up to check a voice mail and it was hanging by one side. Then by the end of the night this is what happened. Guess it was dropped one too many times! LOL The guy at T-Mobile told us (but didn't tell us) that we could just go buy a prepaid phone and put my SIM card in it and it would work fine. So now I have a cheap $20 phone, but it only has to last me till June when our contract is done, so I will deal with it.

These are the beautiful flowers that a great guy brought home to me a few days ago. They are still very beautiful. I guess he thought it would brighten my day (and it did!)

This is a strawberry yogurt dip that I made one day. The kids loved dipping their apples in it and then licking the bowl clean! They each had 2 helpings so I guess it was pretty good. Unfortunately, I couldn't try it since it had yogurt in it. :-(


Here is the start of the applesauce. This is a full crock pot and my crock pot is a BIG one!

This was after they had cooked on High for 4 hours with just a tad bit of water.

I then just added a little brown sugar and mashed with a potato masher. This is what we ended up with. I have done 2 more crock pot fulls since then! We have lots in the freezer and may do one more batch.

Applesauce bread

Here is the applesauce bread I made. I forgot to take a picture of it until I had it in the oven.

Finished results. It is very yummy. I have applesauce made up that I plan to make more of this and in muffins too and freeze.

Pictures of Apples

Here are 4 of the 5 apples I found as I was cleaning them all that had bite marks. I know there were many more that were thrown on the ground, but these made it into the bag! LOL Grace thought she needed to taste them periodically I guess.
Sorry, the pictures aren't really in order. This is after they were all washed. 90 pounds baby!!!

This is the cleaning process.

These are a couple bags I took.

Another bag and box.

We had such a good time as you can read about in the previous post! I am still not done with all of them, but just have about one or two more times of working on them and I will hopefully be done.