Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adventures in Apple Picking!

I figured it is going to take me a little bit before I post all my apple creations, but I can at least tell y'all about the apple picking adventure. :-)

So, I had Paul take a drive one night after we found out about the apple farm so I would know where it was and how to get there when we went picking. So, yesterday we get out there (Barb and Jan were following me in Barb's car) and we pull in and the office door is padlocked shut. I saw two guys outside so I went over to ask one of them if we were at the right place. He didn't really answer me, but said he would go get his boss. So, his boss comes out and I say that I don't know if I'm at the right place. He says "yes you are, but the apple trees are at another location" He gave me directions to get there. I was wondering why the lady I talked to wasn't there, but then thought maybe she would be at the other place. We get over to the other place and the guy had told me to stay to the left so I did, but when we got down at the end of that "road" there were no barns and he said I would see them. So, we turned around and went past the house that was sitting there and then saw the barns. Then we drove on back to the trees. When we got back there another car was there so I thought "I'll just pull off in this open area...it looks like a place they leave for people to park". Now you would think that since I'm from the "country" I would know better than that. As soon as I pulled off I could tell it was soft. I told Barb not to pull in so she pulled on up by the other car. Then I thought I should probably try to get out now instead of waiting till we're ready to leave and realize I'm stuck then. So I try to back up and I'm stuck!! I was trying to back up or move forward either one......Barb got out and looked at my tires. She says pull forward....NOW GUN IT!! So, I did and I was finally able to get out! I didn't want to hit dry ground and go flying though because there was a BIG drop off behind me! Thankfully we made it out ok and with only a little mud on the windshield (and a lot around the tires!). So, then we spent an hour picking apples and I ended up with 90 pounds!! It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed it too. I had Lydia in the wrap on my front so every little bit she would pick some leaves, or get a branch or leaves in the face and only once had an apple drop on her head! Michael and Grace were such big helpers picking the apples. Grace liked picking them then taking a bite out of them THEN putting them in the bag or box! I ended up with 5 apples with bites out of them....and that was after all the ones I told her to throw on the ground after doing that!!!

So that was our adventure of apple picking. Oh and before we even left the house we had the excitement of a fire truck, 2 police cars and an ambulance in front of our house! Our neighbor and friend, Yolanda, had fallen during the night because her blood sugar had dropped to 33. She was finally able to make it to the phone in the morning to call 911. She's not sure what time she fell though. They told her that she was very lucky to make it to the phone because she was very close to going into a diabetic coma. She and I know she wasn't lucky.....God helped her get there! They took her to the hospital, but she came home around 3 pm. She came over to talk with us. I could tell she was very tired so I told her to go home and rest and I would check on her later. When I checked on her last night she was doing much better. She had a couple things done this past week that I think messed with her blood sugar so hopefully she won't have this happen again! Of course, Michael enjoyed watching the fire truck and ambulance! :-)


  1. Adventure is right! Not sure it's an adventure I'd like to go on though! HAHA!
    Can't wait to see what you do with those 90 pounds! Hope it's worth it!

  2. I remember one time when I got the car stuck in a snowbank in Minnesota, and when Wayne showed up to push me out, he couldn't get the car to budge...another guy joined him, and it still wouldn't move...that is, until I looked down and noticed I still had the car in "Park." Ummmmm...surprise, surprise! Honey, just try one more time to push, and we'll see what happens! YAY! I am not sure I have ever confessed this one!