Friday, October 1, 2010

A few of Michael and Lydia

Here is a picture of Lydia eating her first whole apple. She got a hold of Grace's half eaten apple. We kept an eye on her and she did fine with it so we let her go for it! She really enjoyed it!

This is a "parking garage" that Paul and Michael made together. It's not complete yet. Still have to add the ramps and stripes.

Just another view of Michael playing with it.

And another view. He really enjoyed playing with it today until a little sister (who will remain nameless) tore some of the tabs off and then somehow they broke it it is in for repairs now!


  1. Sorry, I am out of time for now so I will have to post more of Grace later.

  2. Love the garage. Saw that in the magazine and told Ben right away about it. The boys will love it! Looks great!

  3. Is this an idea from Family Fun Magazine? LOVE the idea of parents & kids making stuff together!

  4. Yes, Carole, this is from Family Fun. Unfortunately, he played with it a little that day and then Grace tore it apart a little. I glued it back and stuck it on top of the desk to dry and that's where it still sits. :-( Guess I should get it down and finish it today!