Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funny story

Ok, so some days I think Grace is more of a tomboy than Michael is a boy, BUT not today!

We were outside playing after lunch. I was sitting in the sun reading a book. The kids were playing in the sand box. Michael comes over and tells me he found a lizard. At first, I was horrified to know there was a lizard that close to our door (the sand boxes are right outside the back door). Then I realized it was tiny....not sure if it was a baby or just small. He brings it over and I tell him to put it on the chair near me. I wasn't sure if he was squeezing it or not and I didn't want him to hurt it. So, he starts walking back to the sand box and says he's going to put it back. I, of course, say no, you're still playing in it...just put him on the chair. So, as he's walking back to me to put it on the chair I see something drop, but I see he still has the lizard. Obviously, I just figure the lizard pooped, but Michael keeps looking at the ground. So, I asked what dropped. He says "his tail"!!!! So, then he picks it up and brings them both over and puts them on the chair! The lizard of course takes off running, but then I have to sit and watch the tail move for a few minutes!!! Then later he comes back to check it out again and then throws the tail on the ground. LOL Guess he has some boy in him after all! :-)

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