Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just random things going on

My phone fell apart on Thursday. I picked it up to check a voice mail and it was hanging by one side. Then by the end of the night this is what happened. Guess it was dropped one too many times! LOL The guy at T-Mobile told us (but didn't tell us) that we could just go buy a prepaid phone and put my SIM card in it and it would work fine. So now I have a cheap $20 phone, but it only has to last me till June when our contract is done, so I will deal with it.

These are the beautiful flowers that a great guy brought home to me a few days ago. They are still very beautiful. I guess he thought it would brighten my day (and it did!)

This is a strawberry yogurt dip that I made one day. The kids loved dipping their apples in it and then licking the bowl clean! They each had 2 helpings so I guess it was pretty good. Unfortunately, I couldn't try it since it had yogurt in it. :-(

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