Thursday, October 28, 2010

More yummy treats!

Here is my new experiment. I call it Blackberry Turnovers! I took an idea of Apple turnovers from Heavenly Homemakers web site and made my own creation. I made some fruit dip the other day with blackberries and had some left over. I made pie crust today planning to make "blackberry stuff" (a family recipe). As I was making the crust I thought "hey, I could use this pie crust to make the apple turnovers". So then I was planning to get some apple pie filling out of the freezer when I remembered I had the blackberries still in the refrigerator. So, I adapted the recipe to what I had. I was glad I called my mom as I was starting it so she could tell me how to thicken the blackberries....thanks mom! They turned out WONDERFUL!!! Michael ate a full one himself! I have more pie crust left so tomorrow I will have to get the apple pie filling out and make some with that! If I ever get enough made before eating them I could freeze them! We'll see if that ever happens! :-)

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