Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mystery cookies found!!

A while back I was thinking of some cookies I remembered having as a kid, but couldn't figure out what they were. I described them as being fluffy, grayish (purplish) color and soft. No one could figure out what I was talking about. So, I gave up and figured I would never figure out what they were. Then one day I opened an e-mail that was actually from a blog I follow and saw some pumpkin cookies and got so excited because I thought those were the cookies. They looked similar to what I remembered. But, when I told my sister about them and she looked at the picture she said it wasn't that cookie, but now she knew what I was talking about! So, I was still excited because the mystery was going to be solved!! She told me it was a chocolate cookie my mom used to make. So, I told my mom and then she knew what I was talking about too. So, she sent me the recipe. They are called "Frizee Sugar Cookies" (I don't think I had ever heard the name of them). So, I made some.....they were DELICIOUS, but.....then my mom says "they are a basic recipe....you could add chocolate chips, nuts or icing and make them even better". So, I made some the regular way, then made some with chocolate chips. They were even better!!! And they're gone!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Here is a picture of them (without chocolate chips).

I am so excited to now have this recipe and can't wait to see what all I can do with it!!

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