Sunday, February 27, 2011

You can have my drainage!

So, again we have had sickness this week and it's not going away for a couple weeks we're told. Lydia was tested for RSV and it came back positive. So, according to the 2 doctors we had to see they both say Grace probably has it too because her symptoms are the same. They also both have ear infections. I am home again today with all 3 plus our pastor's daughter (who has the same thing). We had a friend bring us chicken noodle soup, bread, cookies and a cheese danish yesterday. Paul heated up the danish this morning along with French Toast. Michael had a piece of danish and Grace wanted some. He says "here you can have some of my drainage....I don't want it all". Paul and I started laughing. We did correct him after we stopped laughing. It was so sweet that he wanted to share some of his food. It was also sweet that he thought he would share some drainage along with it! LOL

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trying new things

Today was a day of trying (starting) new things. First, I went for a walk around the park down the street from us. It has a sidewalk all around it and is in a square. I walked around 5 times! I was going to try running, but I just couldn't get myself to do it. I figure I will hopefully go walk for a few days then try the running. It also helped that my husband bought me an MP3 player for a Not-A-Valentine's-Day gift. I now have something to listen to while I'm walking. I also listen to it all day long! I just keep one ear bud in so I can also hear the kids.

Then, I came home and was thinking about how to keep better track of our finances. I looked on our bank's web site and realized they can set up a budget on there, but I couldn't customize it for us. So, I found a program on our computer that I could download. Since we don't use Windows I'm not able to use Quick Books or at least I don't think I can. Anyway, we had a few free ones we could download so I tried different ones and finally decided on the one. Since we just changed banks at the beginning of January it made it really easy to get it all set up. Now, I have a budget set up, can see reports and everything! I am going to really like this!!

Now, I'm at home instead of at church. My little girl, Grace, has a 102.6 temperature. She's been coughing, but we thought it was just from her being sick before and the cough wasn't going away. The lady that was in the nursery this morning asked if she was getting sick again because she sounded congested. So, when we got home she wasn't wanting to eat and her eyes looked "funny". So, Paul took her temperature and it was 100.8 then. He gave her medicine and put her down for a nap. When she got up she was acting fine and ate something, but then she was sitting on Paul and he said she was burning up. Before he left for church I took her temperature again (I had to make sure I used the thermometer right....we got a new one for FREE...I'll tell you about that in a minute). That's when it was 102.6. Now, she is laying on the floor watching t.v. That is unusual for her. Hopefully she will be better tomorrow.

Ok, so for the thermometer....I guess Paul entered a contest about what the temperature would be at the Super Bowl. He said he was no where near the right degree, but he still got a thermometer and it said he won. I think they just sent them to everyone who entered! LOL It is one of the new ones that you just rub across their forehead. It's awesome!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A ghost in my kitchen!

Ok, so no I'm not thinking I have a real ghost in my kitchen so don't get spooked out! :-) I was in the kitchen this morning trying to get the dishes done. Honestly, there weren't that many there (for once), but it took me FOREVER to get them done. The kids were off playing in Lydia's room. I could hear them through the monitor and I was enjoying listening to them playing well together and wasn't worried about them being "too quiet". I realized a few minutes later I should have been listening for each one and realized one WAS being "too quiet". I heard Lydia coming so I turned around to see her and she was covered from head to toe in white (powder, that is). So, I went to the room and found Michael playing in the toy box upside down (the toy box, not him....he likes to pretend it is a shell). So, I took it off and quickly inspected him. He didn't have much on him...just a dusting really. I asked if he got the powder down and he said no. I believed him since he didn't have it and didn't have much on him. So, then I look over and sitting behind the rocking chair, in the corner, is Grace with the now empty bottle of baby powder. She is also covered head to toe and is sitting in a "puddle" of it. Now, this isn't the first time they have gotten into the's actually the third! And I know you are thinking "boy you'd think the parents would finally learn to put the powder up out of reach". Well, for those of you thinking that I just want you to know.....the powder was on the shelf above Lydia's changing table/dresser. It is high enough that when I am changing her I have to reach up to get it. When you have a climber you can't get ANYTHING high enough out of reach! And I also have to add this wasn't the first....or last.....thing Grace was into this morning. Before Paul even left she was in the bathroom cabinet trying to get her hair things. Then later, while I was still trying to finish the dishes, she went back in my bathroom and got the new bottle of conditioner out of the shower and had it all over her arms (ok, that I admit was not out of her reach....but I didn't think it needed to be!). Oh well, I guess she will have really soft arms (as my mom told me). They have been running around with what looks like gray hair today. I decided it is bath night and I just got as much out of the hair as possible without washing it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

New blog

I haven't really had a direction with this blog other than to talk about what's going on with us. I have decided to start a separate blog to keep up with all the "hobbies" I am doing. Maybe one day it will become big and I will have lots of followers and customers! LOL Anyway, it's up and running, but there are no posts on it yet. It is I will keep this one for the updates on the family and the other one for all the hobbies. So, please check them both out. Again, if you would like to receive e-mails when I update them just send me a comment.

Oh, I am realizing I'm not missing the time spent on Facebook, but I told Paul I feel like I am missing adult interaction. I would at least get feedback on there from my comments and I've not had any feedback on here since I quit Facebook. So, please comment so I know you're out there! LOL

Night at McDonald's

We went to try Carl's Jr again tonight. They were open, but the chairs were on the tables in the play place and there was a fan in there so we guessed it wasn't open. So, we took our chances and drove down to McDonald's. Glad we did. They were open and it was warm! There were quite a few kids there too so they kids had fun. I had to laugh though.....I asked Paul what parents did before cell phones. As you look around the play place area almost half (if not more) of the parents are busy talking or doing something on their cell phones. He said, "I guess they used to visit with the other parents". :-) It did make me think technology partly to blame for our lack of reaching out to others? hhmmmmm.......

Snow day at the park

Sorry, the pictures are in reverse order, but here are some pictures of Paul, Michael and Grace's snow day at the park.

Grace was not happy about the cold. Michael had a blast and was upset they had to come home.

Here is one of Michael at the park and then 2 of them before they left. You can see Grace was already cold before they left and she had only been outside a couple minutes.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What to do when you want to get out of the house......

Well, after being stuck in the house yesterday we decided last night (after finding out Paul would be home again today) that we would go to Carl's Jr today so the kids could play somewhere, but be inside. So, about 9:30 this morning we ventured out to Carl's Jr. I should mention here that we are the worst parents in the world (and yes, I'm admitting this)......we got in the van and it was only 2 degrees....I looked at Paul and said "we are awful is 2 degrees and we only put jackets on our kids! So, anyway we get to Carl's Jr and there are no cars in the parking lot and there is a sign on the door. We pull up to the door and it says they are closed till 11:30 because of the heater. Fine. We'll go to McDonald's. I drop Paul, Michael and Grace off at McDonald's and drive over to deliver our rent check. As I am getting ready to leave the property management office Paul calls and says the play place at McDonald's is closed. So, I went to pick him up and try a different McDonald's. We pull in to the other McDonald's and he goes in to check. Comes back out shaking his head. So we drive back over by the other McDonald's to see if Gym Magic is open.....nope. So, we look at Burger play place. Turn around....go to mall. Barnes and Nobles has a train table & coffee!! Get there.....mall is only open for walkers. The stores will open at noon! At this point I'm saying "give me a's fine today!". So, we gave up and went to Wal-Mart to get a couple things and got a large fry at the McDonald's there just to occupy the kids while we shopped. Then we came home and ate lunch and they took naps. We really wanted to do something fun though so we decided to see what movies were playing. We ended up having to wake up the girls from their naps so we could leave, but it was worth it! We took Lydia to a sitter and then took Michael and Grace to see "Tangled". Michael had gone to the theater with a friend of ours a while back to see "Toy Story 3", but Grace had never been. We weren't sure how she was going to do since she is only 2 1/2 and because she wasn't happy about being woke up (now she knows how I feel every morning!). They both did WONDERFUL!! They really enjoyed the movie (and so did daddy and I) and they were pretty quiet. There were only about 3 other families in the theater so it was perfect. I even had to call my mom as we left to tell her. I got off the phone and Paul told me I was giddy. LOL Well, it had been a while since we had been to the theater too and I was so excited the kids did well. We will definitely do this again (in a couple months when we can save some money up for it!) but only for special occasions so it stays special. :-)

Snow day....February 2

Well, like I are some pictures of our snow day. It's too bad we didn't have the camera with us today to get a picture of the mountains. They were beautiful!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The things toddlers say.......

Ok, so it's not as bad as it sounds (that is if you know the context)..........

So, let's start with the context......In Sunday School this last Sunday (I teach the nursery kids) we talked about David and Goliath. So, we talked about how David put 5 stones in his bag and then used 1 stone to kill Goliath. So, tonight Michael and Grace are running around with Daddy's stocking cap and Michael starting pretending it was a bag for stones and he was David. Then a few minutes later they came running in the living room and Grace had it and was pretending the same thing. Then she says to Michael........"here, you can be the stoner". LOL Oh the things they come up with!

I will try to post pictures from the snow today and Paul and the kids at the park. It didn't turn out the way he thought it would.

Now, off for coffee and Texas sheet cake, making some bookmarks and a movie or two with my husband. Praying that the kids all sleep good tonight. Grace went to bed with a 100.2 fever. :-( Oh, SCHOOL IS ALREADY CANCELED FOR TOMORROW!!!!!


Ok, so for those of you that receive an e-mail every time I post will hopefully be getting more now. I just deactivated my account with Facebook! I realized I was spending too much time on there reading what everyone else was doing and I wasn't getting things done myself. So, I deactivated my account and I am going to work harder on updating my blog. But, with that said....I am also going to be trying to cut down my total time on the computer. So, you may get a lot of e-mails at first, but it will probably taper off. Plus, if I realize I am posting more in one day (like today) then I will start saving them and not publishing them till the end of the day.

If you don't receive my updates by e-mail and would like to, please send me a comment or e-mail with your e-mail address and I will add you on.

So, instead of posting a separate post I will just add this here......Paul, Michael and Grace just headed down to the park a little bit ago. They looked so cute all bundled up. :-) Hopefully they will stay warm enough. I promised hot chocolate/hot coffee and fresh baked cookies when they get back. Lydia and I didn't go because Lydia won't wear shoes! Plus, she was getting tired and I figured I would just be holding her and fighting with her the whole time (because she would want down) so we stayed here. Oh, I did think about layering her up and then putting a footed sleeper on her, but then I realized we didn't have another pair of gloves and the coat we have would be very big so I would need another it was just easier to stay here. Ok, so off to make those cookies!

Santa Claus is Coming!!!!

I was just told that Santa Claus is coming to bring us more presents. I guess since it snowed the kids think it's time for Santa Claus to come now! LOL

We are on our 4th year here in Las Cruces and this is the first time school has been canceled for snow! It is still coming down! I guess after breakfast I will have to find those coats for the kids. Too bad Lydia doesn't have shoes so I guess she and I will have to stay in the house! :-)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well, it is February 1st and we are getting snow. Who woulda thunk it? (Sorry, had to use that hick I realize thunk is actually a didn't pick it up as needing to be spelled right). HaHa....ok to move on.....

Paul and I walked outside tonight a little before 6 pm and it was just starting to snow. By the time we got done with a meeting at church just before 8 it was already sticking to the car and roads. A little while after the babysitter left Paul looked out and couldn't even tell where her car had been. It is still coming down! The kids were so excited they wanted to go out tonight and play in it. So, the babysitter brought them a hand full as she was leaving. They both ate it and then laughed when I told them their lips were cold when they kissed me goodnight. It is not supposed to get to even the freezing mark over night or tomorrow so maybe it will still be around and they can go play in it. I guess I will have to find their coats, hats and gloves! That is something I'm not used to looking for. They think gloves are just for playing with and since we kept telling them they didn't need a jacket because they had long sleeves on they think they don't need one now (and it doesn't help that I keep forgetting that it is cold and have them put them on). We're watching the news now and it is supposed to be back in the 60's by Sunday! But, now they are showing pictures in El Paso and the cars are sitting still or driving slow on ice. They said they had ALL 14 trucks ready to go out to spread salt and sand in El Paso.....14 trucks for the whole El Paso area! HaHa! The public schools have already delayed school 2 hours tomorrow, but there's nothing on MVCS web site yet about Paul's school.

If the snow is still around I will try to get some pictures tomorrow and post them.