Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ok, so for those of you that receive an e-mail every time I post will hopefully be getting more now. I just deactivated my account with Facebook! I realized I was spending too much time on there reading what everyone else was doing and I wasn't getting things done myself. So, I deactivated my account and I am going to work harder on updating my blog. But, with that said....I am also going to be trying to cut down my total time on the computer. So, you may get a lot of e-mails at first, but it will probably taper off. Plus, if I realize I am posting more in one day (like today) then I will start saving them and not publishing them till the end of the day.

If you don't receive my updates by e-mail and would like to, please send me a comment or e-mail with your e-mail address and I will add you on.

So, instead of posting a separate post I will just add this here......Paul, Michael and Grace just headed down to the park a little bit ago. They looked so cute all bundled up. :-) Hopefully they will stay warm enough. I promised hot chocolate/hot coffee and fresh baked cookies when they get back. Lydia and I didn't go because Lydia won't wear shoes! Plus, she was getting tired and I figured I would just be holding her and fighting with her the whole time (because she would want down) so we stayed here. Oh, I did think about layering her up and then putting a footed sleeper on her, but then I realized we didn't have another pair of gloves and the coat we have would be very big so I would need another it was just easier to stay here. Ok, so off to make those cookies!

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