Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A ghost in my kitchen!

Ok, so no I'm not thinking I have a real ghost in my kitchen so don't get spooked out! :-) I was in the kitchen this morning trying to get the dishes done. Honestly, there weren't that many there (for once), but it took me FOREVER to get them done. The kids were off playing in Lydia's room. I could hear them through the monitor and I was enjoying listening to them playing well together and wasn't worried about them being "too quiet". I realized a few minutes later I should have been listening for each one and realized one WAS being "too quiet". I heard Lydia coming so I turned around to see her and she was covered from head to toe in white (powder, that is). So, I went to the room and found Michael playing in the toy box upside down (the toy box, not him....he likes to pretend it is a shell). So, I took it off and quickly inspected him. He didn't have much on him...just a dusting really. I asked if he got the powder down and he said no. I believed him since he didn't have it and didn't have much on him. So, then I look over and sitting behind the rocking chair, in the corner, is Grace with the now empty bottle of baby powder. She is also covered head to toe and is sitting in a "puddle" of it. Now, this isn't the first time they have gotten into the powder....it's actually the third! And I know you are thinking "boy you'd think the parents would finally learn to put the powder up out of reach". Well, for those of you thinking that I just want you to know.....the powder was on the shelf above Lydia's changing table/dresser. It is high enough that when I am changing her I have to reach up to get it. When you have a climber you can't get ANYTHING high enough out of reach! And I also have to add this wasn't the first....or last.....thing Grace was into this morning. Before Paul even left she was in the bathroom cabinet trying to get her hair things. Then later, while I was still trying to finish the dishes, she went back in my bathroom and got the new bottle of conditioner out of the shower and had it all over her arms (ok, that I admit was not out of her reach....but I didn't think it needed to be!). Oh well, I guess she will have really soft arms (as my mom told me). They have been running around with what looks like gray hair today. I decided it is bath night and I just got as much out of the hair as possible without washing it.


  1. Ok I chose to "Follow" this Blog to see if it would let me post comments now.

  2. HaHa....I'm glad to see you finally jumped on the band wagon!

  3. Hey, Pauletta...I tried to send you a video I made of my recent "circle of love" trip and it came back to me, as usual...any suggestions? The pix of your kids are reeeelllly cute!