Friday, February 4, 2011

New blog

I haven't really had a direction with this blog other than to talk about what's going on with us. I have decided to start a separate blog to keep up with all the "hobbies" I am doing. Maybe one day it will become big and I will have lots of followers and customers! LOL Anyway, it's up and running, but there are no posts on it yet. It is I will keep this one for the updates on the family and the other one for all the hobbies. So, please check them both out. Again, if you would like to receive e-mails when I update them just send me a comment.

Oh, I am realizing I'm not missing the time spent on Facebook, but I told Paul I feel like I am missing adult interaction. I would at least get feedback on there from my comments and I've not had any feedback on here since I quit Facebook. So, please comment so I know you're out there! LOL

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