Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well, it is February 1st and we are getting snow. Who woulda thunk it? (Sorry, had to use that hick language.....now I realize thunk is actually a word....it didn't pick it up as needing to be spelled right). HaHa....ok to move on.....

Paul and I walked outside tonight a little before 6 pm and it was just starting to snow. By the time we got done with a meeting at church just before 8 it was already sticking to the car and roads. A little while after the babysitter left Paul looked out and couldn't even tell where her car had been. It is still coming down! The kids were so excited they wanted to go out tonight and play in it. So, the babysitter brought them a hand full as she was leaving. They both ate it and then laughed when I told them their lips were cold when they kissed me goodnight. It is not supposed to get to even the freezing mark over night or tomorrow so maybe it will still be around and they can go play in it. I guess I will have to find their coats, hats and gloves! That is something I'm not used to looking for. They think gloves are just for playing with and since we kept telling them they didn't need a jacket because they had long sleeves on they think they don't need one now (and it doesn't help that I keep forgetting that it is cold and have them put them on). We're watching the news now and it is supposed to be back in the 60's by Sunday! But, now they are showing pictures in El Paso and the cars are sitting still or driving slow on ice. They said they had ALL 14 trucks ready to go out to spread salt and sand in El Paso.....14 trucks for the whole El Paso area! HaHa! The public schools have already delayed school 2 hours tomorrow, but there's nothing on MVCS web site yet about Paul's school.

If the snow is still around I will try to get some pictures tomorrow and post them.

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