Friday, March 4, 2011

What are my kids learning?!

Ok, so last night Paul had parent/teacher conferences at the school as was going to be there at least till 7:30. I decided the kids needed to get out of the house. Grace went with me to Sam's Wednesday night, but the other 2 hadn't been out for at least over a week. So, after supper we went to Wal-Mart. They did really well through the whole store, but then we had to wait in line for about 30-45 minutes. The people in front of us were having problems. Anyway, there was a couple behind us with a little boy that was 5. So, he and Michael became pretty quick friends. Ok, wait I have to back up a minute.....I was buying a new rolling pin to make it easier to roll out pizza crust and noodles, which I told the kids as I picked it up since Michael asked why I needed another one. I still like my Pampered Chef one for pie crust and smaller things, but I thought it would be nice to have a bigger one for the bigger things (and maybe to use over Paul's head every once in a while!....hahaha!!). So, as we're standing in line the little boy behind us picked up a frozen lunch that was a pizza. He said something to Michael about having pizza. As quick as the boy said it Michael came right back with "we make our own pizzas"! I was a little embarrased thinking I was teaching him to have an attitude like "look what we can do", but then I realized quickly he was just being matter-of-fact and he was only saying what I had told him. It also helped that the mom's reply was "oh, I bet that's even better". So, then a few minutes later the kid picks up another frozen lunch that had macaronni and cheese and says "see we have noodles too". I was thinking "oh great, here it comes", but Michael didn't say it. Then as soon as I'm done thinking it he says "we make our own noodles"!!! I was trying not to laugh. He was being so cute and matter of fact! I just thought it was funny. They obviously know you can buy pizza at the store, but we had had the conversation a couple times in just the past couple days about making our own. And I know the noodles came from me saying it when I picked up the rolling pin. So, no my kids don't think EVERYTHING has to be home made, but they know it can be! And on that note, you'll have to check out for my post on making home made yogurt and cream cheese!

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