Friday, April 8, 2011

Family Fun Night

We try to set aside money each month to have a family fun night. Basically we get to go out to eat once a month with the money. Of course, we don't always stick to just going out just that one time, but we are trying to do better. Anyway, last night we decided to get out of the house and go eat supper at Carl's Jr. This way the kids could play and we could talk and relax. Well, we get to Carl's Jr and go to order and the lady starts to take the order and then says "by the way, our kids area is closed". So we left. The kids were upset, but we told them we were going to go find another place that they could play. It was too windy to go get something and go to the park. So, we tried Burger King. We hadn't been to this one so we didn't know if they even had a play place. We figured if nothing else we would go to McDonald's. But, we got to Burger King and THEY HAVE A PLAY PLACE!!! And it was open!!! There were a couple other kids, but by the time we got our food and the kids ate some it was just us. It was really a nice and relaxing time. I was so glad the lady at Carl's Jr told us about the kids area before we placed our order. Now, I have a new place to meet our friends too!

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