Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Long over due update

Ok, so I keep getting bugged by some people that I need to update my blog...I'm not mentioning any names though (M.B.) :-) I have just been so busy that I've not thought I've had time to sit down and update all that is going on. So, I am going to try to do an overview right now and then hopefully get going with it again. I was looking at my blog today to see how long it had been and realized it had been a lot longer than I thought!

So, first off I'm sure all of you know, but I am 26 1/2 weeks pregnant with #4! I am due around December 15. Everything has been pretty normal again with this pregnancy, but just a couple added little "problems". At the moment I am trying to find a new midwife...more about that in the next update. The kids are excited! Michael thinks it will be a boy, Grace thinks it will be a girl...Lydia just knows where to pat my tummy when asked "where is mommy's baby?". Michael and Grace also think there are 2 in there, but I try to tell them mommy isn't big enough for 2 and we have only heard one heartbeat! LOL

Next, update.....3 weeks ago today we arrived in Elkhorn, WI!! This summer when we came out to IL and WI for vacation Paul had been asked to preach at a church here just to fill in. They were without a Pastor and just needed someone to fill the pulpit. It worked out that he was able to do it on July 3 (our anniversary). So, after the morning service (they don't have an evening service) we headed back down to my parents' house. We were about 2 hours away and he got a phone call from one of the guys on the pulpit committee. He wanted to know if Paul could meet with some of the pulpit committee that Tuesday. So, on Tuesday Paul drove up to Rockford and met some of the people for an interview. He also lined up to preach again in a couple weeks, just to fill in again. Before that Sunday arrived they called and asked if he would consider being a candidate for the pastoral position. He said yes so that Sunday he was actually candidating (is that even a word?) and not just filling in. Because of the timing that we were out here some things were down out of sequence, but we went back to NM the next week and the following week the church voted on if they wanted to have him come as the new pastor. We were eating lunch when the call came that the vote had been taken and had passed. It wasn't as high of a percentage as we had hoped, but it is a small church so it only took 4 to make it lower than what we really wanted. We discussed it though and weren't real sure about accepting. Then later that afternoon he talked to the guy in charge of the pulpit committee and felt better about it. We found out the reason for the low vote was just because some people thought they needed to see more guys before deciding (he was the first candidate). This guy was very excited and was already calling him Pastor Paul! We were then excited about it too! Then we talked to someone else later that day that made us a little unsure again. So, that night Paul called his parents (not sure which way they would react) and we were again excited to hear their response. They thought the same as us....the reason for the lower vote was not something to really be concerned about (also the guy on the pulpit committee told us the people that voted no were still excited that the vote had passed). So, we took a few days to pray about the decision. In the meantime the school was wanting a decision from Paul on if he was coming back or not. They were going to be starting soon and they needed to know if they had to hire someone new. He told them he was going to take the time to decide, but they needed to do whatever they felt they had to do. It turned out at the board meeting that week they decided to eliminate a few positions because of financial reasons and they eliminated Paul's job. We took this as an answer to prayer and soon accepted the position. We realized we had been hoping for the vote to be high enough to make our decision for us and we weren't really trusting in God for making the decision. So, on August 22, 2011, we left Las Cruces, New Mexico and headed to Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Just a side note.....we left Illinois August 14, 2007, to head to New Mexico.

Ok, so since this post is already long and I still have a pile of dishes waiting for me I will have to update you on the trip here later. :-)

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