Friday, December 9, 2011

Arrival of Levi Grant

Baby Levi at birth

So, it has been two weeks and I am finally getting on here to post about the arrival of our 4th child. One of these days maybe I will get on a schedule so I can keep updated on here.....but don't hold your breath for it! LOL

I am going to try to make a long story short since I don't want to sit here forever writing it all out and I don't want you to have to sit so long and read. :-)

I had been having contractions for the last few months of my pregnancy. Nothing to be concerned about, but wondered if it would mean a shorter labor and maybe earlier. I guess I was hoping, but didn't really think it would happen. Well, there were days that I felt like I was "nesting" but I kept telling myself (and my mom kept telling me) that it was too early. But, the day before Thanksgiving I started showing other signs that I was maybe going into labor and it seemed that my contractions were getting stronger. They weren't really close together or stopping me so I didn't really think it was early labor. I did call my midwife though to let her know what was going on (especially since she was going to be leaving that day to go to MI for Thanksgiving). We talked and she said she was going to believe I wasn't going into labor and was going to go ahead to MI. I also knew that Carole had already left for MI for Thanksgiving and I did think about calling her to tell her I was showing signs of early labor. But, I knew if I called her she would try to talk Wayne into turning around and coming back. I didn't want her to do that because I would rather she go on to MI and I have the baby than have her come back and then I not have the baby. So, even when she texted me at nap time I didn't reply (not really intentionally but I didn't right away because I didn't want her to know and then I forgot). :-) So, I did lay on the couch most of the day or in bed....the midwife told me she wasn't putting me on bed rest, but wanted me to lay down as much as possible. Later that evening I went to soak in the tub. In the other 3 labors any time I got in the shower or tub my contractions would slow down or stop so I thought this might help. It didn't. I was still having contractions while soaking so I finally got out. Then sometime around 9:30 or 10 pm my contractions did stop and the other signs also. So, I thought it would be a few more days or weeks. Oh, in case you didn't due date wasn't until Dec 18 so this was about 3 1/2 weeks early. So anyway, throughout the night I was up to go to the bathroom (which wasn't unusual at this point). Around 3:30 am I woke up and realized I was having contractions again. I got up to go to the bathroom and realized the other signs were back too. I thought the contractions were stronger, but wasn't real sure at first. Then after having another one or two I realized they were stronger and they were coming regular. So, I started timing them. I timed them for a 1/2 hour and they were coming 5 minutes apart and lasting about 1-2 minutes. I finally woke up Paul after the 1/2 hour and told him I thought we should call the midwife. He called her and since she was in MI she called her back up. She told us it would probably be about 2 hours before the other midwife would get here. By this time my contractions were getting even stronger. Paul called his sister to have her come over to help with the kids when they got up. We had already planned to have Thanksgiving at our house and she was coming over for that so she had her stuff together for dinner. Oh and to back up again for a minute....I had just gone to the store on that Wednesday morning (before I laid on the couch) to get the stuff for labor that we needed. Now I'm glad I didn't decide to order the birth kit! Ok, so about 5:30 am the midwife and her assistant (student) arrived. Sometime shortly after that Abbie arrived. The midwives came in and started getting things set up. That's basically all they had time 6:28 am Levi Grant came into the world!! He cried just a little and was laid on my chest. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 6 oz.!! If he would have gone full term he would have probably been the biggest baby! The midwives checked him out and everything was good. They even scored him a 9 on both Apgar test. We didn't notice some blue around his mouth so the midwife did some consulting with our midwife and another doctor. We were all comfortable with just staying home and keeping an eye on him. Around 9 am when the midwives were getting ready to leave they checked his vitals one more time. At that point his heart rate was down to low 100's. This gave us great concern and we immediately decided to go to the ER. We left Abbie home with the other 3 kids and we left for the hospital. We were so thankful for Abbie's help! At the ER they immediately called Children's Hospital in Milwaukee and they arranged to transport him. They were thinking if it was something with his heart then he would need to be there. Since I had just had a baby they wouldn't let me ride in the ambulance, but I of course couldn't drive either so we had to let him go in the ambulance alone. That was the hardest part. Paul had run home to get things for us while we were waiting for the transport team. We live only 5 minutes from the hospital. When we left to go to Children's we ran home again to drop off the other car seats and grab a couple more things. We cried all the way to the house and then we walked in and Grace asked where Baby Levi was. Ok, so I was wrong....that may have been the hardest part. I broke down again as I tried to explain to them why he wasn't with us and that mommy and daddy had to leave again and may not be home for a couple days. Abbie was great and even fixed Thanksgiving dinner for her and the kids! When we got to Children's they were still getting Levi checked in and settled so we had to wait a few minutes. The nurse came out pretty quick though and told us we could go back. Ok so I know I said long story short and this is getting pretty short of it..........I was envisioning being there and not being able to hold or nurse Levi. But, it was quite the opposite....they let us hold him as much as we want and I was able to nurse him like normal. After all the tests and 2 nights at Children's they basically decided that since he was a little early he was just being lazy with his breathing and his heart rate is just slower than other babies. Also, the doctor determined that the blue around his mouth was just bruising. He also had a bruise on his forehead, nose and both eyes. By the time we went home you could tell from the coloring that it was just bruising. We made it home Saturday night just in time to have supper and birthday cake for Michael's 5th birthday! They were all so excited to see us home and that Levi was with us. I don't think they have quit kissing him since! LOL

So, yea long story short....hahaha.....we then had to deal with getting him tested for jaundice since he was yellow. Then we had to have him on the blankets and re-tested just because it was up just a touch. Finally we are through all of it and he is doing much better! He has already started filling out some and is getting some chubby cheeks. :-)

Lydia is my little baby monitor...."crying, crying" or "crying again". LOL She also thinks that kissing him will make him stop. They all love to hold him, but Michael is the one that will sit the longest and hold him. He has already talked about him playing with his cars and trains when he gets bigger. I think he is going to enjoy having a brother!

This is a picture of Levi getting ready to leave Children's. Can you tell how proud the older 3 are of their baby brother?! LOL

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