Saturday, December 10, 2011


I knew in trying to keep the previous post short (although it didn't end up short) I would leave something out. I did think about this part, but then didn't get it in there. While Abbie was fixing Thanksgiving dinner and we were on our way to Children's my parents were on their way to our house to help out with the kids. They came up and stayed until Sunday. They brought Michael, Grace and Lydia to the hospital on Friday to see Levi and us. They also bought Michael an oreo ice cream cake from Culver's for his birthday since I wasn't able to make him one. Thanks mom and dad for helping out!

And just so I don't get a message from the other grandparents.....Paul's parents were able to stop by the hospital on Friday on their way home from MI. Then they and Abbie came to the house on Saturday to celebrate Michael's birthday. They each provided something for supper. :-)

(Sorry dad, I left you out). :-)

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