Saturday, September 8, 2012

Michael and school

This is the end of Michael's first week of Kindergarten.  When we took him on the Meet & Greet day we realized he was a little nervous.  Tuesday morning when we took him in for his first day we could tell he was nervous so we took a few pictures then asked him if he was ready for us to leave.  He said we did.  :-)  Because of the events of the morning the girls, Levi and I were able to go pick him up.  He looked so cute standing outside waiting for his turn to get in the car.  He got in and I asked him if he had a good day.  He said yes and then I asked him something else and he wouldn't answer me.  So, I asked him if he wanted to rest while we drove and he said yes.  I said ok, but you have to promise to tell me all about school while we eat lunch....and he did.  :-)  We went to pick up Paul and then we asked him where he wanted to eat lunch.  He chose Culver's.  He did keep his promise...he talked just about all through lunch telling us about the morning.  Each day he has needed the time on the drive home just to "relax" and then he tells us about school later.  I love hearing about his morning!  He has had such a great week at school and seems to really enjoy it.  He is bringing numbers home that they have to "sky write" and has a song that goes with it.  We hang them up so he can "practice".  The girls are learning them too so next year when Grace goes to school she will be able to teach the other kids!  LOL

Oh, Thursday Paul and I had to be in Watertown so we asked a lady from church to take care of Michael and the girls.  She came over early and took Michael to school.  She said when they got there she asked him if he wanted her to walk him in.  He said "No, I know where I'm going".  :-)  My big boy!  Friday when Paul took him to school he had to talk to the teacher so he walked Michael in.  He sent me a text later saying he felt useless because he walked Michael in and then Michael basically ignored him.  :-)  He is just growing up too fast!  


Before my Grandma Welch passed away I was able to go through her recipe cards and picked out some to use myself.  My sister knew I had the cards and found an idea on Pinterest that she thought I should try.  After Grandma died I was able to get some handkerchiefs of my Great-Grandma's.  So, I elaborated on the idea my sister gave me.  I bought some 8x10 frames at a thrift store.  I ended up paying only $.25-50 for them! They don't match, but it didn't matter because of where I was going to put them.  They also looked like "older" frames to me so I liked that.  I put a handkerchief in and then put 1-3 recipe cards on top.  The top picture with the flowered handkerchief is my favorite.  I then put them on top of my cabinets in the kitchen.  I had a couple glass bowls that were wedding gifts that I put up with them. And one bowl that I had brought home after my Grandma's funeral.  That's all that the picture shows, but since that picture I have added an old mixing bowl that was Grandma's and a few antique kitchen items.  I will have to try to get another picture of all that.  I really like how it all turned out.  

By the way, sorry for how this post looks.  Blogspot changed it's layout and this is the first time I've tried to post pictures with my blog since it changed.  I can't figure out how to lay it out now.  :-)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Things since camping...

Ok, so the reason it took me so long to write about camping is because there has been so much going on since then.  We got home on Thursday and we were home all day Friday.  Saturday, Paul drove the kids and I down to El Paso, IL to meet my mom.  We then traded cars (she brought Grandma Welch's car) and the kids and I went to my parents' house.  My Grandma Welch is not doing well and I wanted to go at least one more time to see her.  I was glad I went.  I stayed at her house since she was staying at my parents' house.  That way it was a little less stress on my parents (I hope).  We stayed till Tuesday.  The kids had a good time each day in the pool with their Grandma and I was able to spend some time with my Grandma.

Then after we got home on that Tuesday we had a busy week.  I have started taking care of a friend's son on Thursday and Friday of each week.  So, I had him that week, plus Paul's ordination council was on Friday.  I was also at the ordination council.  It was a great day and I enjoyed hearing him stand up and tell the men what and why he believed what was in his doctrinal statement.  The council voted to have him ordained so on Sunday we had his ordination service.  Friday night we had his parents and brother, Dave, and his family over to grill out and go to the fireworks.  We had a great evening being able to talk with them.  Sunday his parents, Dave & family, his younger brother, Andy & family, his sister and my parents were all able to join us for the special service.  His cousin and his family were able to drive up from Rockford to join us too.  We had a great day fellowshipping with the church family and our families. 

Monday, we joined his family at the Madison zoo.  We had a great time even though it was really hot.  When we left the zoo his family all went home, but we decided to take the kids to Ella's Deli.  It is a really neat restaurant with lots of toys hanging from the ceiling that move and a big carousel outside that the kids can ride on.  Paul really likes the blue moon ice cream that he can only get there!  It was my first time was really neat.  Levi even liked it because there was lots to look at. 

Wednesday, I had to take Lydia to the eye doctor.  She had a red and swollen eye.  We thought maybe she got sand in her eye at my parents' house.  I couldn't get her in to the family doctor so took her to the eye doctor.  He thought it was possible that she had sand in there blocking the pores.  I had to take her back today.  In the meantime we noticed she had a rash that was spreading.  So, I tried getting her into the family doctor again today, but he wasn't in.  So, I decided to take her to the walk-in clinic.  After 3 hours of going to the doctor we found out she has a sty and just a rash that was caused by being in contact with something.  So, she is on an antibiotic and using a hydrocortizone cream.  We'll give it a few days and see what happens.

I think that is all that has happened now. 


It's been two weeks since we left to go camping and I'm just now getting to blog about it.  Oh well, I'm giving up on the day that I can keep up with my blog.  :-)  So, anyway, two weeks ago today we went to Lake Mills to go camping for the first time.  We tried not to have high expectations for how it would go....especially since it was the first time and we were going with a 5 year old, 4 year old, 2 year old and almost 7 month old.  Oh, we were also going TENT camping.  So, we left home and drove a little over an hour to Grandpa & Grandma's house to drop off Ruby.  Then drove about a 1/2 hour to the camping area.  By this time I think the kids were already bored!  LOL  We unloaded what we needed to get set up and Paul got the tent set up.  I helped as much as possible.  The good thing is now I look back and I know that the time setting up did not go smoothly, but I can't remember it!  :-)  I think that's the best part...I remember the good times and not all the crabby times, even though I know there were definitely those times.  After we got the tent set up we went into town to go swimming at the lake.  We decided to go ahead and go to the beach that we had to pay for so it would be nicer and not as busy.  When we got to the beach I sat down to start blowing up the arm wings and such.  Paul grabbed Levi and took him out to the water to see if he was going to like it.  The other 3 kids followed him.  Unfortunately, as you went into the lake it was all rocks and some Lydia lost her balance and fell face first into the water and couldn't get back up.  She was only under a couple seconds, but it scared her enough that she didn't want to go back in and when we did get her back in she wouldn't let go of us.  She did enjoy playing in the sand and at the edge of the water though.  She got a little braver the next day and got a little more in while she was playing.  On a side note, a few days later we went to my parents' house and she was playing great in their pool!  Ok, so back to camping....We had fun at the beach for a couple hours then decided it was time to go back and start a fire for supper.  We had to stop for worms and ice though on the way.  When we got in the car we realized Grandpa had tried calling and wanted to come see us (he was in town that day at the EMS garage).  So, we called him and he hadn't left town yet, so he met us and then came out to the campsite with us.  We then called Grandma to see if she wanted to come out for hot dogs and 'smores.  She came right out!  So, we enjoyed the first evening with them.  After they left we started putting food and things away and got the kids ready for bed while we still had some light.  It was hot in the tent so we knew it would take them a while to settle down and go to sleep.  It was a little hard to get them to settle down, but they eventually did.  Then before Paul and I could go to sleep we heard some noises outside the tent.  We got the flashlight and realized there were raccoons out there.  We thought we had all the food put away, but realized there were traces left.  Paul finally had to get out of the tent to get them to go away...honestly, I was really afraid for him to get out, but didn't know what else we could do.  They finally left.  Then we were able to go to sleep.  Of course the kids were up at first light the next morning.  We got breakfast done and then went swimming again.  Oh, both days Levi took a nap at the beach so it worked out great.  We decided that night that it was so hot that we needed to find something to do inside.  They were also calling for storms so we figured if we were indoors somewhere then we could judge the storm and decide if we were going to sleep in the tent or find somewhere else to go.  So, we went bowling!  We ended up being the only people there so that was great.  We didn't have to worry about if the kids were in anyone's way or anything.  Ok, so even with the bumpers up I was beat by a 4 year old!  Daddy beat everyone big time!  LOL  I was just proud of Michael for being able to bowl all by himself (the normal way) and Grace had help the first few times then was able to do it on her own (putting it on the floor and rolling it).  Lydia had to have help carrying the ball over and putting it down.  Then daddy helped her a few times push the ball down.  She did do most of them on her own too.  We made it all the way to the last frame before a ball got stuck at the end of the lane!  LOL  We all had a good time!  When we went back to the tent we were not sure about what was going to happen if it stormed.  It was already pretty windy.  Paul was texting with my sister to see what the weather reports were.  We found out the storm wasn't supposed to come through till 1.  Ok, again in all honesty, I was a little nervous that night.  I was nervous about the storm coming and not knowing how bad it would be and worried the raccoons would come back.  Then while we're laying there trying to go to sleep we hear a very strange noise.  I thought it sounded like fireworks or gun shots.  Paul said he didn't think that's what it was, but didn't say much more.  Then we kept hearing the same noises every little bit.  I was not going to sleep at all!  Then there was a very loud crashing sound and I realized it was a tree falling!!!  When I said this, then Paul says, "yea that's what I thought it was".  He knew the whole time, but didn't want to worry me (since we were right under a couple big trees).  LOL  I was worried more by not knowing what the sound was.  After that I started seeing lightening.  So, then I was counting to see how far away the storm was.  I started drifting off to sleep and then started hearing the thunder.  The storm came in and went out in probably 10 minutes and wasn't too bad.  Finally after the storm went through I was able to go to sleep.  Needless to say that meant I didn't get much sleep since again the kids were up very early.  Paul tried to take Lydia fishing that morning since she was the first awake...we were trying to keep the others asleep for a while too.  They couldn't really get close enough to the water to do good fishing.  But, it was cooler that morning and I think the kids were more used to camping.  They were so good that morning and did good while we got things packed up.  I've probably left some things out (even though this was really long) because I didn't do this right away.  But, all in all, we had a good first camping trip and are already trying to plan our next trip. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lose what?! LOL

So, leaving the house with all the kids is hard, but trying to leave the house to go out by myself (or with just one kid) is even harder in my opinion.  The whole time I'm getting my shoes on and getting Levi in his seat and getting the diaper I am hearing "Mommy, why are you getting your shoes on?"..."Mommy, why are you putting Levi in his seat?" and so on and so on.  Then on top of that one kid has to do something to the other one and then that one has to do something back, so at least one, if not two, are crying and screaming as I'm trying to move around them to get to the door.  So, finally everyone is calming down and I am getting asked "Mommy, where are you going?" I try to just answer vaguely...."I'm just going out".  That doesn't work, so I try "I'm going to a store".  That still doesn't work because then I'm asked "what store?" and "can I go?"  I finally say, "I'm leaving the house before I lose it!!!"  It which I get the reply (from my 5 year old)........."Lose what, Mommy?"    AAAAAHHHHHHHHH

So, I just look at Paul and we both start laughing.  I run my hands up through my hair as I'm laughing, trying not to "lose it" and not start crying.

Oh, I hope I get more sleep tonight (and Levi too) and that I'm not up every hour!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bike ride!

We went on our 1st FAMILY BIKE RIDE tonight!  It felt great once I got going and after stopping to raise my seat a little.  The kids all enjoyed it too.  I had Grace and Levi in my trailer and I didn't hear one sound from Levi the whole time.  I even asked Grace at one point if he was asleep.  I also was serenaded by Grace for part of the ride.  I love hearing her sing!  I really REALLY hope we are able to do that at least a couple times a week!  It would really help though if we got kickstands for our bikes.  It is a little tricky trying to get them all buckled in and getting the bikes hooked up while having to hold them.  LOL

Monday, April 23, 2012


I have to real quick post this....

We have been talking for a long time about getting a couple bike trailers so we can go for bike time, exercise, etc..  We just couldn't fathom spending the money to buy 2 and we didn't have any luck finding any on craigslist.  So, yesterday we were talking about it again and decided we were just going to buy them.  Last night while we had people from church over to our house I mentioned that we were planning to go buy them today so we could start riding.  One of the ladies said to me that she had one and would give it to us.  I had to make sure it was a 2 seater and she said yes.  I was so excited and then on top of that found out it was a Burley....which is a very nice/expensive trailer!!  So, she dropped it off this morning and then I went to the store and bought another one (not as expensive).  I was just so excited and Praise God for all the blessings He gives to us.  Oh, when she dropped it off to us this morning I told her we really appreciated it and she said she had been praying about how she could be a blessing to us.  I told her this was a huge blessing!  I was just so excited to see how God works and know that He hears our conversations (that was a reminder from my mother-in-law)!

So, hopefully I can post some pictures later of our bikes and trailers (hopefully the trailers will work on our bikes with no problems).  Now to get the bikes back together...the one trailer put together and get the tires aired up on the other one!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Great days!

We have been having a good week! I don't know what Grandma Vawter did to the kids, but since she was here on Tuesday the kids have been acting really good! Grace is doing better about not saying no and whining all the time. And if she does I just have to remind her that she told us she wasn't going to say it anymore (or threaten to call grandma!) LOL Grandma also talked to them about wearing underwear to bed and not wetting the bed.....Grace asked to try and the last 2 nights she has worn panties to bed AND STAYED DRY!!!!!! I know it may take Michael longer just because he's a boy, but this morning he told me he was dry at nap time yesterday, but not last night. So, we just try it tonight just to see. I just hope he doesn't start feeling bad if he can't do it. Grace has also been trying to tie her shoes already! She is doing good. Michael on the other hand always puts his shoes on without having to tie them so I guess we need to make him untie his shoes when he takes them off so we can teach him too. :-)
They have been playing very well today.....even played with play dough for a long time.
Ok, well now that I've probably jinxed it I am going to stop! Thank you God for my kids!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wow so much going on!

Two months since my last post! I guess it's not like I'm sitting on the couch eating bon bons. :-) Really I shouldn't even be posting right now, but just wanted to let you all know I'm still here and I have been thinking of lots to blog about, but just haven't been able to sit down and do it.

Just real quick (before the girls get into something else or the little guy wakes up).....Michael went with daddy this morning to check out Faith Christian Academy in Williams Bay. They are on their way home now so I can't wait to hear all about it. He ate breakfast really fast then got his coat and gloves on. He was headed out the door and we had to stop him because daddy wasn't even dressed yet! :-) Paul has been texting me and sent me a picture....he was having a really good time and fit in like he'd been there all year! He didn't want to leave! Unfortunately, now he will have to wait till August to start school, but I know he will love it!