Thursday, February 9, 2012

Great days!

We have been having a good week! I don't know what Grandma Vawter did to the kids, but since she was here on Tuesday the kids have been acting really good! Grace is doing better about not saying no and whining all the time. And if she does I just have to remind her that she told us she wasn't going to say it anymore (or threaten to call grandma!) LOL Grandma also talked to them about wearing underwear to bed and not wetting the bed.....Grace asked to try and the last 2 nights she has worn panties to bed AND STAYED DRY!!!!!! I know it may take Michael longer just because he's a boy, but this morning he told me he was dry at nap time yesterday, but not last night. So, we just try it tonight just to see. I just hope he doesn't start feeling bad if he can't do it. Grace has also been trying to tie her shoes already! She is doing good. Michael on the other hand always puts his shoes on without having to tie them so I guess we need to make him untie his shoes when he takes them off so we can teach him too. :-)
They have been playing very well today.....even played with play dough for a long time.
Ok, well now that I've probably jinxed it I am going to stop! Thank you God for my kids!!!!