Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lose what?! LOL

So, leaving the house with all the kids is hard, but trying to leave the house to go out by myself (or with just one kid) is even harder in my opinion.  The whole time I'm getting my shoes on and getting Levi in his seat and getting the diaper I am hearing "Mommy, why are you getting your shoes on?"..."Mommy, why are you putting Levi in his seat?" and so on and so on.  Then on top of that one kid has to do something to the other one and then that one has to do something back, so at least one, if not two, are crying and screaming as I'm trying to move around them to get to the door.  So, finally everyone is calming down and I am getting asked "Mommy, where are you going?" I try to just answer vaguely...."I'm just going out".  That doesn't work, so I try "I'm going to a store".  That still doesn't work because then I'm asked "what store?" and "can I go?"  I finally say, "I'm leaving the house before I lose it!!!"  It which I get the reply (from my 5 year old)........."Lose what, Mommy?"    AAAAAHHHHHHHHH

So, I just look at Paul and we both start laughing.  I run my hands up through my hair as I'm laughing, trying not to "lose it" and not start crying.

Oh, I hope I get more sleep tonight (and Levi too) and that I'm not up every hour!!

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  1. When kiddos don't sleep through the night, it makes Mom very tired.
    Love you and hang in there! :)