Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Ok, so pretty sad that the last time I posted anything was after Michael's first week of school.  So much has been going on and I guess I'm just not dedicated enough to blogging.  Well, I had a funny story today and thought it was too long just to post on Facebook so I figured I would post it here and then link it.

So, it really starts out that the girls got "character" socks for Christmas.  You know, the ones with princesses and tinker bell and such.  Well, a couple weeks ago a friend of mine gave me 2 pairs of Dr. Seuss and 3 pairs of Care Bears socks because I always comment on hers.  :-)  I said this was great because now maybe I would wear my own socks instead of Michael's (our white socks look the same since they are footie type....someone wasn't thinking when she bought new socks).  So, anyway, this morning I get dressed and put on my tennis shoes since my feet were hurting.  A little bit later Grace looks at my feet and says "Mommy, you have on my princess socks."  To which I told her, "No, I don't.  I have on the socks Julie gave me."  She still insisted I had her socks on (even though she could only see the tops) and I insisted I didn't.  She even told me to take my shoes off, which I told her I wasn't doing just so she could see my socks.  So, then at nap time I was able to get a shower.  You guessed it.....as I took my shoes off and looked down....sure enough I had on Tinker Bell socks!!  LOL  So, now I guess when Grace gets up I will have to apologize to her and let her know that even though I think I am always right...doesn't mean I am!  :-)